We all know that Citrix NetScaler is an amazing solution for application delivery, and offers versatility regardless of your use case.

But like any capable tool, you need to have the technical know-how to maximize its potential. Citrix Education is here to help!

If you are looking to implement NetScaler as a standalone solution, CNS-205: Citrix NetScaler 11.0 Essentials and Networking covers the fundamental skills necessary to implement and troubleshoot NetScaler.

According to a recent survey of our students, CNS-205 delivers real-world results:

  • Higher application availability: 96% of surveyed students believe the skills they learned will help them deliver higher application availability with NetScaler.

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  • Better at work: 95% of surveyed students agree that CNS-205 gave them the skills to be more effective at their job.

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  • Increased security: 83% of surveyed students will be able to make their environment more secure by applying the skills they learned in this course.

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If you’re using NetScaler as part of a virtualization environment, CNS-207: Implementing Citrix NetScaler 11 for App and Desktop Solutions is the course for you. It covers all of the NetScaler basics and teaches the skills needed to configure and manage NetScaler in a desktop virtualization environment containing Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp.

CNS-207 students have some of the highest satisfaction rates in the:

  • Application security: 95% of surveyed students who were looking to increase application security with NetScaler said the skills they learned in CNS-207 will help them reach that goal.

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  • Increased NetScaler value: 82% of surveyed students said they were able to implement more features and functions of NetScaler as a result of taking this course.

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  • Fast results: 90% of surveyed students were able to apply the skills they learned in this course in 3 months or less.

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With content geared toward beginners and veteran users alike, even the most experienced NetScaler admins are sure to learn something:

“CNS-207 gave me an excellent overview and a great foundation to start working with the NetScaler product. As a person with minimal networking knowledge, this class gave me the necessary knowledge to collaborate with my networking team on new initiatives.” — Engineer, Large Enterprise Hospitality Company

“As a result of the training, I can now proudly present my self as a Citrix resource for my organization and be of value to my company. Many thanks to Citrix for such a simple yet effective training offering. I wish others like VMWare and Microsoft could follow suit.” — Server Administrator, Global 500 Technology Company

“I have been managing NetScalers for years and left off with version 9.6. I didn’t expect to get much other than a refresher course from this training. I was pleasantly surprised when our extremely knowledgeable instructor took us on the NetScaler journey. I told my co-worker this was the best training I’ve attended in the last 14 years of my career.” — IT Systems Analyst, State Government Agency

Investing in education not only increases your knowledge and personal value, but also makes your products more valuable by allowing you make the most of available features and functions you would have never known existed. In fact, 85% of our students agreed they learned about features and functions of NetScaler that they would have likely not learned on their own.

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Regardless of what your role is with Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Education has courses designed to make you more efficient and achieve your personal and professional goals. Explore our comprehensive NetScaler course catalog to help you on the road to getting #CitrixCertified!

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