With Director 7.7, XenDesktop administrators have the capability of configuring policies and conditions that will alert administrators when the configured threshold has reached in the XenDesktop 7.7 environment.

Alerts generated will be notified to administrators via Director console or mail (if Email notifications is configured).

Administrators monitoring XenDesktop have to be logged into Director console or keep checking mails regularly for any possible critical alerts that might affect users of XenDesktop.

Instead what if administrators can carry on other important tasks and alerts reach out to them via desktop notification?

Desktop Notification Tool:

Desktop Notification Tool notifies the administrators whenever there is a new alert from any of the numerous sites for which alert policies/alert rules are configured. This is experimental tool and the  versions of this tool including this one will not be supported by Citrix.

Download : XenDesktopNotificationTool

All we have to do is provide comma separated Delivery Controller IPs/FQDN with the full administrator or Delegated Administrator of XenDesktop credentials and Director Server IP/FQDN.


Note: Only one controller IP/FQDN per site is required.

When the tool is installed, it notifies alerts triggered in the “Last Two Hours” and that are still active. Later, the tool queries every 60 seconds to poll for any recent alerts in the XenDesktop environment and notifies the administrator, if any.

The screen shot below shows a Desktop Notification when there is a new alert in the last minute:


Alert triggered with Target and the Condition details:


Desktop notifications can also be seen in the ACTION CENTER of  Windows 10:


We can double click on the tool icon in the system tray to login to Director console. This provides administrators with more comprehensive details on the alerts.


Note: If Integrated Windows Authentication introduced in XenDesktop 7.7 is configured for Director, double clicking on Icon will directly lead us to Director dashboard with list of all the alerts.



Stopping the  Notifications:

Right click on the Tool  Icon and click “exit” to stop the tool from running and giving notifications.

Add another Delivery Controller or Change Director Information:

Stop  the tool and run it again with the list of all Delivery Controllers of all sites for which alert notifications are required.


Works on all Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The Desktop Notification Tool For Citrix XenDesktop is an enhancement to the Proactive Alerts & Notifications feature available in Citrix Director 7.7. It provides alerts triggered by the XenDesktop environment as Desktop Notifications, in addition to viewing it in Director Console and emails.

Download Source Code:

Source code for the tool can  be found in Github