As the curtain came down on the closing keynote of a fantastic Citrix Summit 2016, I took a few moments to look around the auditorium and drink in the excitement and enthusiasm that was tangible in the eyes of our partners and colleagues in the room. It was quite an experience.

Events like Summit are certainly unique. Almost 4,000 partners and colleagues converge under one roof, openly sharing roadmaps, thoughts, opinions, ideas and challenges. Every attendee is an expert in their field, yet perhaps the most striking element of the event is the incredible passion that surfaces once we are all together, discussing how technology and expertise can be combined to deliver solutions that enable our customers to accelerate their business transformations.

Study any organization today–irrespective of industry or service–and you will discover that each of them is looking towards innovation to help them drive business and grow revenue.

At Citrix, we’re no different. The technology industry, by definition, mandates continuous and sustainable innovation. If you don’t innovate, you become irrelevant. Quickly.

The great news for us is that we have an amazing track record of innovating and it was encouraging to hear that innovation remains a key theme, a key belief and a main takeaway from Summit 2016. In fact, the two words I heard over and over again, and that resonated most with the folks to whom I spoke throughout the event, were focus and innovation.

Focus on what we do better than any vendor in our space – deliver the solutions to enable secure app & data delivery – and then commit to ongoing innovation around that core set of products to ensure that what we provide to our partners and customers helps them enable their business.

It’s a simple, yet powerful and winning formula.

During the Summit 2016 keynotes, Bill Burley, Citrix CVP and GM of Workspace Services group, (of which I am proud to be CTO of course), stated

Last year, our innovation was 3X the year before. We’re going fast. Run with us because in 2016 we’re going to go just as fast – and probably faster.

Wait! What did Bill say? This is an amazing statistic, which I subsequently captured in the graphic below and wanted to share as an example of our commitment to being a leader in product innovation.


The great thing about being CTO and being so close to the product groups is that I have a wonderful and privileged vantage point in terms of being able to see into the near-term product roadmaps.

Across the entire organization, the teams are hard at work preparing the next releases and they too are packed with innovations that will really help move the needle and address the growing challenges that all organizations face, regardless of size or scale, with the secure delivery of apps & data.

In fact, it was Bob Calderoni, Citrix Interim CEO & President who best summarized the landscape and laid out the Citrix strategy superbly in the opening keynote

All of these changes in the market today and all of this complexity is only making Citrix even more relevant and even more important than ever before, and that’s the reason why we’re refocusing and doubling down on our core competency and our initial vision — to take advantage of these market forces and become the global standard for the secure delivery of apps and data on any app, on any device, anywhere in the world.

We, and all our partners, are energized, enthused and ready for 2016 following a truly great Summit. It promises to be a year of amazing products, happy partners and delighted customers.

Let’s go!