Besides the drones, hoverboards and 3D TVs, CES 2016 had a number of new innovations that are likely to show up at the workplace sooner, rather than later.

Some of the innovations I found at this year’s event were:

Wireless Charging – A few companies demoed real wireless charging that does not require close contact and with enough power to keep devices charged. For smartphones, it means the convience of not searching for outlets around the office. More significantly, it means stationary sensors and devices can operate without wires or batteries, opening up huge new opportunities for leveraging IoT.


The Ossia Cota chip uses RF Signals to antennas in a base station. Currently it’s capable of 30 ft range with 1 watt of power.

The Energous miniature WattUp transmitter has the capacity to charge any device 10 watts or less, whether it’s a wearable, mobile device or Bluetooth device.


Conference rooms will have more options for video displays. The Lenovo ideacenter 610s is a PC with built-in detachable projector.

Mini PCs and HDMI sticks are not new, but there were a number of new additions and second additions.

imgresThe Remix PC is a $70 Android-based PC that can run multi-Window and multitask native Android apps. This device can also run Citrix Receiver and be managed by XenMobile, making it a great option for a low-cost Thin Client for XenApp.

Asus announced the VivoMini UN42, which supports 3 4K displays, including HDMI and DisplayPort.

intel-compute-stick-core-m-2016Intel released second-gen Compute sticks with Core m3 chip and 3 USB ports.


Double Robotics released a second-gen iPad-powered Telepresence “Segway” Unknown