Citrix ConsultingSometimes, a third-party software tool will be recommended to supplement a services engagement. At Citrix Consulting, we have always advocated a conservative and prescriptive approach when designing and deploying new environments.

Knowing the legacy environment and its shortfalls, as well as understanding the perceived risks from a new deployment is important, and data gathering and testing are key to ensure success. In the past, we have introduced custom engagements, tools and processes to assist in this process, such as the Desktop Transformation Assessment, the popular Infrastructure Assessment offerings and the Project Accelerator.

In 2013, Lakeside and Citrix Consulting entered into an agreement to make the full version of SysTrack available to all consultants and sales engineers, specifically so it could be made available to our customers to assist them with the time-consuming process of enumerating core applications in their estates. This offering is still available today.

To further add to this existing arsenal, I am pleased to announce that Citrix Consulting and Aternity have entered into an agreement to offer Aternity’s monitoring software as a POC to Citrix Consulting, which we can now pass on to Citrix Consulting customers during our engagements. This offering will be available from Friday January 29th, 2016.

Aternity is a comprehensive monitoring tool that is widely used in Citrix environments, including Citrix XenMobile. Through lightweight agents and an online portal, Aternity can help analyze business processes and the applications from which they are run, and aid greatly in the understanding of any challenges seen.

Citrix Consulting now has an agreement in place with Aternity and this allows us to provide a license for Aternity’s monitoring software to our customers for up to 30 days free of charge, for unlimited end-points. The license covers an unlimited number of systems (end-points, virtual desktops, or servers) and provides training and technical support.


Q: What will the engagement provide to customers?

A: On those engagements where Citrix Consulting are asked to assess and design customer environments, Aternity can help to establish a baseline for the performance of each critical business activity, as experienced by the end users. This provides an unequivocal reference point to demonstrate success during the implementation and into BAU.

Aternity can help with troubleshooting applications, bridging the visibility gap that exists now between the end-user perception of performance received and IT’s measurement of the performance delivered. It will also help Citrix Consultants reduce the time customers spend quantifying and diagnosing performance issues, such as pinpointing whether the performance issue is related to something in the Citrix environment or in the end-user computing estate.

Finally, Aternity can assist customers in understanding end-user experience in mobile applications, as Aternity extends into how mobile application performance impacts each end-user’s productivity.

Please note that we will initially only support this new offering in EMEA and specifically only the following regions: UK, Nordics, France, Germany, Spain and Holland. Depending on the success of the offering, this area will then be widened accordingly.

Q: Does this mean that Citrix Consulting is now standardizing on Aternity for its engagements? 

A: No. Citrix Consulting will continue to be agnostic and our guidance will be for customers and partners to use whatever tool is appropriate and allows them to conduct analyses quickly and efficiently. For the time being, Citrix Consulting will look to use either Aternity or Lakeside, depending on the use case required.

Q: What are the important highlights for what Aternity can provide?

A: Aternity provides end-user experience management for applications delivered on mobile, virtual, or physical devices, whether running locally or in the cloud. Customers will be able to track the impact of application performance on workforce productivity, get an immediate view into application and device health for every user, whether on mobile, virtual, or physical devices, and automatically establish performance baselines for acceptable performance that can vary by geography, department, or device configuration.

Q: How can I learn more about the engagement and Aternity Software?

A: Citrix Consulting will provide additional information upon request, if customers have any questions. Contact your local Citrix Account manager for more information.

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James Gordon,
Area Manager, Citrix Consulting UK/IRE