Citrix Cloud offers the simplest, fastest, and most flexible way to deliver secure mobile workspaces on the market today. Period.

Our platform provides tremendous value to our customers and partners … and we’re about to make it even more attractive. 

Since we launched the platform back in October 2015, the response has been fantastic. Our customers love the elegance of a SaaS-style cloud-based management plane and a subscription pricing approach.

In his Citrix Summit keynote, Jesse Lipson showcased how we’re advancing the platform with updates to how Citrix Cloud is priced, discounted, and sold.

Decreased prices, à la carte storage.

First, customers offered feedback in how we can improve our pricing and package options. So later in Q1 you’ll see Citrix decrease the annual subscription price for our Virtual Apps and Desktops package, as well as a reduced price to our Integrated Apps and Data Suite package.

We’ll also be offering the Secure Documents service separately from the Virtual Apps and Desktops services, giving customers simpler, more granular flexibility in how they can configure workspaces to meet their use case needs.

Even more appeal to large enterprises: volume discounting.

We also hear our larger customers–who need to be able to affordably deploy and manage thousands or even tens-of-thousands of seats– loud and clear. In response, we’ll be offering various volume discounts to cater to the needs of these large users.

One of the elegant features of Citrix Cloud is its ability to manage multiple locations – often typical of large enterprises with a global presence. Combined with its flexible ability to deploy onto any virtualization platform or cloud, this new discounting further heightens appeal for large mobile workspace users.

Where we’re headed.

Customers should also expect to see Citrix add even more Services and subscription packages to the platform this year. And don’t forget the new and exciting technologies in the Workspace Cloud Labs area, where you’ll see some of those experimental services graduate to full-fledged services early this year. Stay tuned for more Citrix Cloud-based innovation.