You may have recently read in Steve Thomas’ blog that after January 12, 2016 all versions of Internet Explorer pre IE 11 will meet their end of support.

And as with typical End Of Support this means no more patches, updates, hot-fixes and more. No more safety net.

Some users on these older versions of IE will start to see a new “download” tab when they launch IE. This new tab will be a not-so-subtle encouragement for people to upgrade their browsers to IE 11. And it will reappear every 72 hours after closing it. This could easily mean that service desks within organizations will have a significant increase in tickets. I can just hear the calls now, “What is this error when I launch SAP?”

But, there are some steps you can take to mitigate the effects of this “Nagware” blitz.

  1. Disable the notification tab by adding a new Key and DWORD Value to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ registry hive. Instructions can be found here.
  2. Ensure that you are running the proper operating systems that will support IE 9 or IE 10. This is confusing to say the least and creates more image sprawl and support issues. OS and IE versions are listed here.
  3. Run Internet Explorer without a net (support) by using 3rd party solutions that isolate code in IE in a “Micro Hypervisor” environment. Bromium comes to mind.
  4. Upgrade to IE 11 or the Edge Browser and be done with it … for now.

Now, the last step may sound a bit cheeky. Obviously, you haven’t upgraded yet because you may have web apps that you feel are not compatible with the latest browsers. But do you have empirical evidence and data that points to this? Do you have a report that details out for you that the web app is incompatible and more importantly what the exact issue could be?

If you run your apps through Citrix AppDNA, which you likely already have as it is a feature in XenApp and XenDesktop platinum, you would get the evidence you need to move forward.

You could also engage with your trusted Citrix Solutions Advisor (CSA) who has access to AppDNA for free to do your application lifecycle testing for you.

And as always, whenever an update comes out for your LOB apps or web apps, avoid becoming a headline on the nightly news and perform lifecycle testing quickly and easily through AppDNA. No one wants to be the lead story because a “computer glitch” brought down their business for hours.