Why is IT moving to a single, integrated solution for delivering secure mobile workspaces? New research shows savvy IT buyers are thinking about the broader business as well as IT priorities.

New data released today at Citrix Summit shares the top reasons why savvy IT buyers are choosing Citrix Workspace Suite. The research also reveals how IT thinks strategically about the entire business when they consider the top benefits of a broader mobile workspace strategy.

Integrated Solution for End User Computing Is a High Priority

Most IT purchases benefit an organization by aligning with C-level goals for better employee experience, mobility and security. The new research shows Citrix Workspace Suite helps organizations align with worker goals while also benefiting the IT organization.

The top answer to the survey question “What were the top reasons for choosing Citrix Workspace Suite?” is actually the benefit Citrix Workspace Suite brings to the IT organization.  End-user experience wasn’t far behind, but the results show new IT purchases of mobile workspace technology can benefit both workers and IT departments.

  • 66% of respondents said they chose Citrix Workspace Suite because it’s a single, integrated solution for end user computing needs. Choosing one mobile workspace solution – that includes virtualization, enterprise mobility management and networking – from one vendor is very important to enterprise IT buyers who want to unify technologies. Most importantly, a single solution helps IT with purchasing power for multiple technologies on a single contract and renewal schedule.
  • 61% of respondents said they chose Citrix Workspace Suite to add enterprise mobility management capabilities to their organization. Implementing mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise-grade productivity apps alongside virtual app and desktop delivery is of high value to Citrix Workspace Suite buyers.
  • 51% of respondents sought to add secure file sharing with Citrix Workspace Suite. Workers today have mobility and collaboration needs, but the enterprise has data security requirements – Citrix Workspace Suite meets both demands.
  • Another 51% of respondents cited adding desktop and app virtualization capabilities with Citrix Workspace Suite, expanding their current virtualization investment. XenDesktop Platinum is a core component of Citrix Workspace Suite, giving traditional XenApp environments new desktop virtualization capabilities and the latest app virtualization release. Plus, the Platinum edition includes powerful IT tools like AppDNA for application compatibility testing, a vital part of any virtualization project. Compare the Citrix Workspace Suite features here.

Workspace Suite 1

Benefit the Entire Organization with a Strategic Solution for Business Mobility

IT teams are thinking strategically to benefit their business, demonstrated by the results to the question “what are the primary benefits you have achieved/expect to achieve with Citrix Workspace Suite?”

The top four answers all reflect a comprehensive strategy to enhance the worker experience and strengthen the overall business:

  • 65% of respondents said improved operational efficiency
  • 64% said improved worker productivity
  • 58% said increased security
  • 48% said improved worker satisfaction

All four of these responses point to IT thinking broadly about the bottom line of the organization, which is enhanced by productive employees, lower operational costs and reduced chance of security issues.

Not to be forgotten, survey respondents also cited reduced cost of management (47%) and reduced overall IT costs (32%) – showing Citrix Workspace Suite can also help the IT department’s budget.

Workspace Suite 2

Strategic Organizations are Choosing Citrix Workspace Suite

Take a fresh look at Citrix Workspace Suite. Learn how it will enable a global and mobile workforce to easily and securely access apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network. And, for IT, discover how easy it is to manage and support application, desktop and mobile infrastructure with a single vendor.

Start at the Citrix Workspace Suite webpage to check out videos, use cases and technical details. Plus, find pricing promotions for existing Citrix customers to save up to 60% on Citrix Workspace Suite licenses as well as opportunities for enterprises to save 50% when replacing existing mobility solutions with Citrix Workspace Suite.