This week at Citrix Summit 2016, we’re introducing a new release of XenMobile and announcing tech previews of new Citrix-developed business-class mobile apps–WorxForms and WorxChat.

XenMobile 10.3 brings unified endpoint management to the forefront. For the first time with XenMobile, IT has the ability to easily manage and inventory a broad set of mobile devices that includes Windows and Mac laptops, all from a single console.  Additionally, the newest version of XenMobile continues to support the broadest level of customer choice and flexibility with new policy support for the latest releases of iOS 9, Android for Work, Samsung KNOX, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Gone are the days of homogeneous black, standard-issue corporate laptops and smartphones for work. We are in a mobile-first world where personal and work-related information reside on the same device. As enterprises see a rise in BYO, businesses need to provide their employees secure, mobile access to apps and data on any device across any network.

In this vein, XenMobile 10.3 gives IT and the line of business users the flexibility, security and user experience via a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

Across-the-board support for Windows 10

Windows 10 has become one of the most successful-ever operating system introductions from Microsoft. With XenMobile support for Windows 10 phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, businesses have a solution to manage all of the Windows 10 devices in the enterprise, whether corporate-issued or BYO. To this end, WorxMail and WorxWeb are available for Windows 10 phones with end-to-end security, which includes protecting data at rest and in motion, using our encrypted data vault and NetScaler Gateway integration.

New WorxForms Tech Preview

Developing mobile apps can be costly, complex and time-consuming. Moreover, it isn’t necessary to develop a separate app for each process or task. With this in mind, we will feature a tech preview for WorxForms, which allows line of business owners to rethink apps, i.e., easily create mobile business apps without writing a line of code. Look for this technology preview coming soon on our website.

New WorxChat Tech Preview

Without true secure collaboration available today, companies and IT teams are just not able to deliver better mobile workforce productivity. Thus, we will feature a tech preview for WorxChat, which allows IT to deliver a secure mobile chat application that is tightly integrated with other Citrix productivity Worx Apps and uses the familiar Microsoft Lync back-end.  Look for this technology preview coming soon on our website.

Flexibility, Security and User Experience for
Mobile Users and IT

A key example of the benefits that XenMobile is bringing to customers is TBI, a group of companies that renews, organizes and maintains the Dutch living environment in a sustainable way. TBI standardized its enterprise mobility management with XenMobile three years ago to manage mobile devices across the organization.

The company currently utilizes hundreds of iOS, Android and Windows tablets and smartphones. Capabilities in XenMobile, such as centralized management and policy configuration, have allowed TBI to increase security while ensuring that its employees can collaborate in a more flexible and productive way. This has resulted in reducing the cost of securing and managing corporate-owned mobile devices.

The newest release of XenMobile continues to bring innovation and even stronger technology to improve users’ and ITs’ experience. As a heterogeneous EMM solution, XenMobile enables IT to manage different devices and operating environments that run on smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Furthermore, to help drive high levels of user productivity while out of the office, XenMobile delivers highly differentiated secure mobile apps, including WorxMail, WorxWeb, WorxTasks and WorxNotes, with out of the box pre-integrated secure workflows which are tightly integrated with Citrix ShareFile to protect information whether in cloud or on-premise.

Also, XenMobile 10.3 provides enhanced support for Samsung KNOX and Google Android for Work, enabling IT and end-users to say “yes” to Android devices and apps.

Most importantly, with secure separation of company and personal information and mobile application management without device enrollment, employees are willing to use their own devices for work as they enjoy the flexibility of device company approved security and best in class user experience to get work done quickly and efficiently.