Citrix Lifecycle Management has been well-received by customers and partners looking to accelerate and simplify deployment and ongoing management of both Citrix workloads and enterprise applications.

Internally at Citrix, there’s been a lot of enthusiasm, as well. In fact in just a few short months since release, several compelling blog entries have been posted on the topic.

In order to help guide readers through all the useful information Citrix experts have posted, we have created a structured sequence to the content–essentially an e-book. Using a format called Readlists, you can head to this site and review Citrix Lifecycle Management blogs organized in book format with a table of contents. In fact, you can even download the compiled blogs into your favorite e-reader:

Here are the current chapters in this readlist:

  1. Introduction
  2. Resource Locations
  3. BluePrint Catalog
  4. Deploy Blueprints
  5. Manage Deployments
  6. Design Blueprints
  7. Technology Partners
  8. Architecture
  9. FAQ
  10. Fun: Len & Reese: Citrix Superheroes Bring Citrix Workspace Cloud to the Galaxy! Part 1
  11. Fun: Len & Reese: Superheroes Bring Citrix Workspace Cloud to the Galaxy! Part 2
  12. Advanced Topic: Container Cluster Management

Another option is to download a well formatted PDF of the essential Citrix Lifecycle Management blogs from Citrix ShareFile.

Whichever option you prefer, you’ll get a solid guide to key Citrix Lifecycle Management blog topics.

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