Only a Couple of Days Until Summit!

Sleep? What is sleep when there are but a few days between now and Citrix Summit in Vegas?!?

Between watching the Seahawks game last Sunday (go HAWKS!) and writing my keynote, I saw a creative new TV ad for visiting Vegas where the tag line was “Transformation: Vegas, be who you are, or anyone else.”

The video had me chuckling how perfect it was for Citrix Summit in Vegas in a few days. This is a year of transformation, and a time where the tech market, Citrix, our customers and our partners are all transforming.

Citrix Solution Advisors are becoming Citrix Service Providers. Customers with on–premise solutions are moving to public, private or hybrid cloud at a hastened pace. Security is an ever-growing concern to the mid-market as businesses awaken to the need to provide convenience and security for the real-life way their employees work.

I think Citrix Summit 2016 will be all the more important and interesting as a result of this transformation that’s already underway.

Expect Exciting

We have a number of exciting announcements at Summit and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but here are a couple of topics we’ll be covering:

  • Innovation: This one I REALLY can’t talk about – but suffice it to say, the Product Leads are ready to share some cool stuff.
  • Growth through Land & Expand: With the “triggers” in the market (Security, Cloud, Windows 10 launch) comes opportunity – and growth!
  • Channel Transformation & Acceleration: Gain insights into profitability with market research data that shows you where the partner business is going (hint: mid market) and where Citrix is going to increase investment in you.

New, What’s New?!

Let’s start with our new (interim) CEO Bob Calderoni in the opening keynote talking top line Citrix company strategy. For those of you who haven’t met Bob, I can tell you having worked with him a bit now, he’s a straight-shooting, tell-it-as-it-is, humble leader. Expect a very real “State of Citrix” talk from Bob.

Carlos Sartorius, our fearless sales leader (SVP Worldwide Sales & Services), will discuss new ways we can capture a huge and growing market opportunity. And, of course, I will be talking about our deepening partner engagement and commitment to the channel. I hope to close out to cheers of support for the things Citrix is bringing to our partners in 2016.

Get to know Tim Minahan, our new Chief Marketing Officer as he MCs the Summit event.

On day 2, the Tech Talks Keynote will speak to the Citrix innovation that’s NOW…

Let’s Get Social

I can’t think of a better way to begin the new year than gathering with our partners at Summit to launch a very successful 2016. Let’s keep in touch on Twitter throughout the conference (Yes, I will personally be tweeting between sessions and partner meetings!) @_KimberlyMartin

And although we are getting down to the wire, there is still time to register for Citrix Summit.

See you in Vegas!

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