At the beginning of 2015, I moved my family from India to live and work at Citrix headquarters in the US. The relocation was an amazing opportunity and we are loving every minute of it.

As a frequent visitor to US over the past decade, I imagined myself to be an expert on the “American way.” I was wrong. We quickly saw that living here would entail a steep learning curve. Unlike what we were used to, the US offered a mind-boggling array of choices in everything from coffee to health insurance. How did the ‘locals’ filter through the options and decide the best deal for their situation? As if that weren’t enough, everything in America is DIY or do-it-yourself. Really, that bed we picked is delivered in 3 small boxes?

Pretty soon we would acquire multiple skill-sets at an accelerated rate; skills that, in more than three decades on this planet, we never knew were needed.

The next big Citrix story

Around the same time, Citrix took app delivery to a whole new level with four major XenApp and XenDesktop releases (and this was in 2015 alone). Away from distractions and speculations, our engineers continue to chisel away at the next big Citrix story.

2015 saw over 50 big-ticket innovations. These weren’t just catch-up features, to be clear, but pioneering standards in what to expect from mobile workspaces. That got me thinking; Citrix partners must feel as overwhelmed by all these good tidings as we did during the relocation. Hmmm!

So here we are, helping you break down the why and how of innovations in the world of HDX. Drop by our exciting session at Citrix Summit in Las Vegas, where I will be discussing these best practices with my buddy, Allen Furmanski. Choose from one of the time-slots below:

SUM217: Deployment best practices for the newest XenApp and XenDesktop HDX technology Jan 11 Monday, 11:00AM Jan 12 Tuesday, 2:30PM

At the end of Summit, you will be ready to hit the ground running and deliver all this great functionality to your customers. While competing products are busy reverse-engineering the new benchmarks set by Citrix, YOU, my friends, can get busy signing up brand new customers and enhancing the value for existing customers.


Happy users, healthy bottom line with HDX

HDX has always surpassed the conventional expectations of user experience, and it is only getting better. Whether in audio-video communication or using USB peripherals, printing or real-time interactivity with apps, HDX blurs the line between native apps and delivered apps.

The latest release takes us back to our roots, delivering ultra-modern desktops and apps at the most frugal bandwidth and resource costs possible.

Deployed correctly, HDX significantly increases the return on investment (ROI) of desktop transformation projects. How would you like to go back and give your existing customers an easy upgrade path to Windows 10-based apps, spending zero dollars on any end point or bandwidth upgrades? Exactly!

As you run through the list of HDX goodies this year, you notice a recurring pattern: as far as possible, they are designed to maintain consistency and familiarity of end user experience.

Projects are bound to be more successful when users receive modern Windows 10 apps on their trusted old thin-clients; when they find their app shortcuts exactly where they left them, and perform the same login behavior whether on tablets or desktops; when they plug-and-play USB peripherals exactly as before, and conference using published Skype for Business, as if they were locally installed. Quite like how familiarity of being at school, among other children and homework, helped our kids adapt easily to the other inevitable changes.

After initial disorientation, things started falling into place for my family. We learnt to ask for advice where possible, or go with default choices in other cases. If all else failed, we just got down to reading the foggy manual. Eventually, we ended up with a more comfortable and more organized experience than the one we left behind. The cliché of drinking from the fire hose couldn’t be more apt, whether one is transforming their life or transforming desktops. We get by with a little help from friends.

Update: Derek Thorslund has blogged about these huge advances in HDX. Highly recommended!

All this and more is in store for you at Summit – if you haven’t already, register now!

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