I recently had the opportunity to listen in on an important executive briefing center (EBC) meeting. 

I find EBC’s to be an incredible arena for customer insights. I was listening to a presenter and taking notes when one of our potential customers said, “stop talking to me about your shiny new toy, talk to me about how your shiny new toy will help me be successful!”

Our customers (and potential customers) are bombarded by myriad options and choices. It’s no longer just computers and smartphones. A tablet can scan your hospital bracelet to pull up your medical records, your umbrella can tell you if it will rain so you’ll know to bring it on your walk to class, and you can transfer funds between bank accounts through an app. We have reached the point where we are not only competing for our customers’ time over our competitors with a similar offering; we are competing with every technology that promises more innovation, efficiencies, and cost savings.

As a Citrix sales rep, marketer or engineer how you do differentiate yourself from all the others promising the latest and greatest technology?

It’s time to change the conversation.

We want to work with a company that doesn’t just want to sell us products. We need solution advisors that can help us be more successful. – IT Leader from large US university

Citrix solutions are designed to benefit customers of any industry, but you will stand out from the crowd of sales reps when you understand the unique end-user challenges that our customers struggle to solve and guide them to solutions that increase end user experience with IT while improving business outcomes. Sounds simple, right? But the expectations of end users are at an all-time high and the pressure for IT to add value to the business is greater than ever. Renee Flores wrote an insightful blog last year about the struggle some IT teams face to understand the end users.

Do your IT customers know that they can impact the business?

  • Talk to healthcare IT about how Citrix can change clinician and patient interactions to improve patient satisfaction rates, which leads to increased funding for the hospital, you’ll have their attention.
  • Demonstrate to university IT that Citrix can keep students connected and engaged, which leads to improved outcomes and retention rates, you’ll have their attention.
  • Show a financial firms how Citrix will enable faster response and transaction rates with customers, which leads to greater revenue, you’ll have their… attention!

So, how can you become an expert on end users in healthcare, education and financial services?

We are excited to bring a customized, vertical version of the highest rated session at Synergy 2015 to our Citrix partners and sales teams at Summit 2016 in Las Vegas. Why was it so successful? Because this highly interactive session gives our IT leaders an understanding of how to apply Customer Experience methodology to better know their end users and unearth key experiences to focus on while keeping key business objectives in mind.


Hear directly from one of our largest customers on why he thinks the end user conversation is a game changer for sales teams. He will share how the principles in this workshop have changed the way his IT team delivers services and fundamentally transformed his team to be customer-centric.

This interactive, 90-minute workshop will be offered twice at Citrix Summit 2016 to accommodate as many interested attendees as possible. Sessions will be limited to 100 people, so be sure to add it to your schedule now!

SESSION FULL: January 12th at 3:30pm in Premiere 310

ADD TO YOUR SCHEDULE: January 13th at 9:00am in Premiere 310