The next evolution of EMM – XenMobile 10.3 delivers Unified Workspace Management

Similar to the way Mobile Device Management (MDM) evolved into Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), I believe we are at another inflection point where EMM technologies begin to expand beyond serving only a mobile audience.

With the latest XenMobile Server 10.3 release–now available for download–we’ve added unified end-point management for Windows 10 and MacOS X devices. So, while the XenMobile platform falls under an industry label of EMM, we need to change our point of view and realize that XenMobile is now a platform to manage more than just BYO, CYO, or COPE smartphones and tablets.

At Citrix, when we talk about a “workspace,” we’re not referring to a physical place like an office or a cubicle. We are talking about a personalized set of devices and applications that allow users to embrace flexible work styles while having access to the same applications and tools regardless of location. And ideally, you could perform all of you job functions from a tablet, but let’s be honest, sometimes you still need your laptop. And therein lies a significant challenge for IT.

Enterprise IT typically has different device programs and management platforms for mobile devices and laptops. Wouldn’t life be simpler if they could manage and inventory all device types through a single Active Directory-based management platform?

With XenMobile Server 10.3, enterprise IT can now begin to manage the entire workspace of devices from a single platform. Given the new ability to manage laptops, “Unified Workspace Management” might actually be a better term to describe the critical role Citrix XenMobile will play in enterprise environments.

As EMM evolves, we begin to see the innovative and comprehensive solutions that Citrix delivers:

  • XenMobile provides management and inventory of most device types.
  • XenApp and XenDesktop provide virtualized applications and desktops to all device types.
  • Citrix Receiver, WorxHome and Storefront give users the ability to select and download any application (Mobile, Web, SaaS, Windows) to the device of their choice.
  • IT gets flexibility to apply governance and compliance models to execute their company security requirements.
  • All of the above are offered as part of a single solution – Citrix Workspace Suite.

At Citrix, we continue to focus on delivering complete workspace solutions that provide both users and IT the best-in-class experience, with ultimate flexibility and desired security.

In addition to unified end-point management, XenMobile 10.3 Server features include:

  • Provides IT and users the flexibility and freedom of choice by supporting policy engine enhancements for immediate compatibility with latest releases of iOS 9, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile Phone, Android for Work (AfW) and Samsung KNOX
  • Enables greater visibility and faster reporting with 10 pre-configured reports which are easily selectable in the XenMobile Console.
  • Delivers flexible deployment options for IT by allowing them to create groups for local users which can also include Active Directory user profiles.

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