Have you thought about what tech themes will be front and center in 2016? How about reading what the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) members think will dominate next year.


The CUGC audience thought deeply and drew upon their unique subject matter expertise to answer, “What will be a transformative change or trend in technology next year?”

Here is a recap of their CUGC 2016 Predictions:

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CUGC #2016Predictions

  1. “The deployment of containers, such as Docker and Turbo, will explode and they will be able to become more flexible, self-morphing and self-replicating to meet ongoing changes in demand”. Tobias Kreidl, former astronomer & CUGC member extraordinaire
  1. “There’ll be an increasing move to hyper converged Architectures and a greater demand for simpler automation and expansion to expand out.” Andrew Wood, Citrix CTP and delivering and optimizing application, desktop, server and user workspace Virtualization solutions
  1. “Internet of things is here and now companies will start embracing this powerful technology, Citrix is one of the important pieces…..it’s all about putting sensors and technology components together and having them communicate and automate processes creating smart offices.” Thomas Poppelgaard, Citrix CTP and SME Remote Graphics, Augmented & Virtual Reality
  1. “Even in smaller companies, I’m seeing more of a push back to Apps, and I think Application Layering tech will take hold in 2017 when companies switch strategies back again… 2016 will be the year when we remember why XenApp matters.” DJ Eshelmen, CUGC Member and Citrix Consultant. Also a Writer, aspiring Life Coach, Musician, hobby photographer and former DJ
  1. “The Hypervisor landscape will be interesting to watch. I expect to hear a lot more around the Acropolis Hypervisor going forward. “ Bas van Kaam, CUGC member and Management Consultant @Detron – Father, blogger, public speaker, runner and SBC / VDI lover
  1. “On the Citrix front, you will be able to fully deploy a Xen-Any environment using only your voice and Octoblu” Mike Nelson, MS MVP Hyper-V, Citrix CTP
  1. “Hypervisor competition will heat up, in particular in conjunction with large cloud-based service offerings. There will continue to be camps that mistrust the cloud and stay “local”. Cyberattacks will create a major disruption to cloud-based services and further split opinions about the cloud as a “total” solution.” Tobias Kreidl, Academic Computing Team Lead at Northern Arizona University
  1. “Cloudification: Most public / private companies will switch on Cloud production solutions” Jorge Luis, CUGC Member and CEO at datacentersfree & IGS PRO – IT Transformer from static to dynamic
  1. Graphics will continue to grow, and those that do not adopt will see increased frustration as users per host drop.” DJ Eshelman, Consultant and Architect, CCE-V, Eshelman Enterprises
  1. “What I think we will see in 2016 are more practical examples of the different methods for developing and delivering applications. I’ve called this the “Application Delivery Continuum” because it’s clear that all organizations, large and small, will be dealing with an ever more complex mix of applications.” Christian Reilly, VP & CTO – Workspace Services Division at Citrix
  1. “myCUGC, and all that surrounds it will continue to grow massively in 2016!” Bas van Kaam, “Seer”

Now, here is a question for the Citrix Community: “Which of these predictions will enable new types of work?” Use #CUGC #2016Predictions to leave your opinion.

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