Geek Speak @ Summit 2016 is about brilliant people whose work and vision has the ability to change how we interact with technology: how we architect, virtualize and even gain insight into resources applicable to designing VDI solutions while transcending legacy IT.

Our team spent a significant amount of time debating amongst ourselves who to allow on our booth stage.

We wanted to feature people whose work pushed technological boundaries, ensuring they provided you with highly energized presentations chock full of insights and best practices, as well as unfiltered thoughts about desktop virtualization and industry solutions to enable sales and resolve challenges for your customers.

From CTOs, to company founders, to product managers, the presenters featured in The Citrix Booth Experience—whom we have grouped together under the moniker “The Geeks”—are all renowned for what they doSteve Greenberg, Carl Webster, Chris Rogers, Timothy Mangan, Thomas Poppelgaard, Barry Schiffer, Ruben Spruijt, and Jarian Gibson all have 18-plus years in IT. Jarian and Carl, two independent consultants, have each separately architected and deployed Citrix product solutions throughout the world. While Steve Greenberg, founder of Thin Client Computing, is a widely recognized thought leader in virtual and software-defined computing.

As CTO at Atlantis Computing, Ruben Spruijt is one of a few individuals in the world to be recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and VMware vExpert.

Equally impressive are Thomas Poppelgaard’s and Barry Schiffer’s IT contributions. Thomas is involved in proofs of concept to help prove why businesses should adopt new technologies and why the GPU is important in virtualization for common applications and for high-end graphical applications. Barry developed and manages the “Uw Ideale Werkplek/Your Ideal Workplace” concept which currently serves over 15, 000 users working for several different customers in different industry verticals; a solution built around a Citrix product stack combined with vendors products.

We’ve even sprinkled in a few Citrix folks to give you insight into things brewing with our product teams: Allen Furmanski’s role has him focused on Apps and Desktops user experience technologies while Adi Chand will give some forward-looking XenMobile solutions. Donnie Page, a sales engineer, has also worked as a solutions architect and consultant for various Citrix partners over the years. Then there’s Chris Matthieu, the brilliant tech and telecom entrepreneur who founded Teleku and Nodester. Matthieu is known in the tech world as an IoT pioneer. He is co-founder and current CTO of Octoblu.

Be sure to review the Geek Speak @ Summit Theater sessions in the Summit session catalog for their respective sessions. We’ve scheduled these 20-minute TED Talk–style sessions to clearly articulate how Citrix products and solutions can transform an organization to meet its business and IT enterprise challenges.

The Geek Speak @ Summit Theater sessions run from Monday to Wednesday in the Solutions Expo (Marquee Ballroom).

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