Learn how to customize CloudPortal to match the Citrix Service Provider’s (CSP) Customer Corporate Identity or Reseller’s Corporate Identity (CI)

In the first part of this two-part blog series, I elaborated on how Citrix Service Providers can create a custom system look of CloudPortal Services Manager that is consistent for every customer.

In this second part, you will learn:

  • How to create different customer-specific looks and brand experience
  • How to create a White Labeled portal through URL branding and customer look and branding

Note: There is no guarantee that customization will always work out of the box across release upgrade, especially when the UI changes significantly.

In case you missed it, in the first part and the corresponding Citrix Knowledge Base Article, I  described how to create and edit a custom style sheet (CSS) file for the Service Provider’s corporate look and feel.

URL Brand Identity

Let’s start with URL brand identity for tenants and resellers who need their own corporate look-and-feel. As we do not want to install any additional Webservers, we are creating these as additional URLs on the same CloudPortal Services Manager Webserver.

The default URL we created in the first part of the blog was:


with the following look and feel:


Now we want to onboard a self-service customer that would like to have his own customer look-and-feel presented on CloudPortal, even for the login page. For this reason, we create a new System Brand. I created the Brand with the Code “x1” and the name “x1forcustomer1”

  1. Create a new customer-specific brand look-and-feel2.1
    Then we must add this brand identity to a DNS name on CloudPortal Services Manager.
  2. Add the a DNS name for the new brand in CloudPortal Services Manager

    2.9We then have to add a public DNS alias entry for the URL of this customer. In my example this is https://customer1cpsm.citrite.de
  3.  Add the DNS name to the bindings of the CloudPortal Services Manager webpageIn addition to this we have to bind this URL on our Webserver. We do this by adding a binding for this URL on the IIS Management to the Cortex management Site. See the screenshot below:3
    We are now ready to browse to CPSM via the new URL. As we did not create  a custom stylesheet for our brand identity yet, we expect to see the default CloudPortal Services Manager look and feel. I created a small stylesheet for this URL. If we attach this to https://customer1cpsm.citrite.de , we should see the following webpage:
Login page After logging in


Of course we could create such URL brand identities for each customer if needed. We just need to add additional DNS aliases, IIS bindings for the URL and create the stylesheets.

For the second example we keep this look-and-feel as primary login and we are acting as a White-Labeling Partner. So we have our own Service Provider corporate brand identity for the login, but after a customer logs in he will get his personal customer look-and-feel.

Customer Branding

To achieve this we need to create an additional branding. But in this case we create a customer brand identity instead of a system branding.

  1. Add a new brand identity as “Customer Brand”After we have created this we can see our 2 types of brands, our System Brands and our Customer Brands.7
    I created an additional stylesheet with the filename (Brand Code) “Greenbubble1”. In our example we use the URL brand “x1” that we created before and the customer brand “Greenbubble1” for our customer. After we have created the customer brand stylesheet we can add it to our corresponding customer.2.  Add the customer brand identity to a customerGo to the customer list and click on a customer that should use this brand. Then navigate to Edit customer –> Advanced Properties -> Choose Brand8.2Chose “Custom Brand”9.1Chose the brand we created before “Greenbubble”10

Now let’s browse to our URL, https://customer1cpsm.citrite.de. Our reseller default brand identity will show up for the login. After we login as a user or administrator of the customer to whom we gave the custom brand identity we should be able to see the “Greenbubble theme.

Before login                                                         After login with custom-branded customer


With this, you could have one general login page with the same look-and-feel for all customers and as soon as they are logged in, they will get their personal customer look-and-feel.

Stay tuned for more technical detail blogs on CloudPortal Services Manager.

Learn more about CloudPortal Services Manager http://www.citrix.com/products/cloudportal-services-manager/overview.html

Learn more about the Citrix Service Provider program www.citrix.com/csp