As we stand at the precipice of the new year, it’s only natural to take a look back and consider the year that was. 2015: it was a big year at Citrix.

We’re excited about the work we do here. We love sharing the strides we make and telling you about all that’s happening. In 2015, Citrix employees published 1,228 blog posts about hundreds of different topics. 

In January, we announced Citrix Workspace Cloud: a comprehensive, cloud-based infrastructure that allows IT administrators to manage their Citrix technologies from not just one cloud, but ANY cloud. Citrix Workspace Cloud delivers technology on your terms, unbound by proprietary restrictions, just as it should be.

In February, we reflected on the resounding successes of Citrix Summit, on tech previews of Citrix Workspace Cloud, XenMobile 10 and invigorated relationships with our Citrix Partners.

In March, we continued to look–to others and within ourselves–at the things that inspire us. We looked at the things that drive us to be better friends, a better company, and better people. This is one of things that makes the heart of Citrix beat.

In April, we set our sites on Citrix Synergy. Held every May, it’s the industry’s premier conference on secure app and data delivery. It’s Citrix biggest event of the year and one in which we take great pride. Pride in our Partners and customers, pride in our corporate citizenship, and pride in the acuity of our products.

In May, Citrix headed to Orlando, Florida: the site of Citrix Synergy 2015. We launched the X1 Mouse, fostered relationships and integrations with new partners, and broadened the features of our core products.

Citrix understands that yesterday’s and today’s worlds need to co-exist with tomorrow’s solutions and work in unison to support future growth and competitive advantage. Citrix strives to ensure that we understand every organization will move at the pace of business and this pace will be very different depending on the individual customer. We will preserve and enable, helping customers continue to realize the benefits from existing investments, but giving them flexibility and choice along their individual business transformation journeys. — Christian Reilly, CTO for Citrix Workspace Services

June had us off and running with Citrix ShareFile being named #1 in Enterprise File Sync & Sharing by IT Brand Pulse. One of the products at Citrix core, ShareFile is a game-changer in the world of cloud collaboration.

In July, Citrix (like most of the tech world) had its eyes fixed on the much-anticipated release of Windows 10. With solutions like AppDNA and XenMobile–ready on Zero Day for ease of conversion–Citrix customers never missed a beat.

August had us looking toward simplification. Toward change. Toward choice. Toward focus. We posited that ANY is greater than one. We realigned our sites and looked at the things most important to our customers and partners.

Come September, Citrix solidified its position as a leader. XenDesktop (along with Citrix ShareFile, NetScaler, and XenMobile) established itself as a leader in VDI technology and technology that paves the way to ease of mobility, amplified security, and superior user experience.

In October, we kept our focus on our customers. We didn’t waste time on who was doing business with whom, but instead, our attention was on what served our customers and Partners best, on the ways that Citrix could best make their worlds better (and not so much on playing who likes whom better).

November saw our first-ever Blog-A-Thon, which featured countless posts from our Converged Infrastructure team, who work on CloudPlatform and Citrix Lifecycle Management (among many others!) We thought about our customers, yes, and also the way that we work. We live in a time of change, and Citrix is changing along with (or ahead, when we can) it.

Now, we’ve come to the end of December. We are proud of all we achieved in 2015. But resting on our laurels isn’t how we roll around here. We know there is change—one of this life’s only constants—and that we have to change right along with it. We look toward what’s to come.

2016 has much in store. For Citrix, it’ll be a time of focus. Focus on our products. Focus on our customers and Partners. Focus on our products and on you.

To that, we raise our glasses and a toast to all that we’ve done … and all that’s to come. Happy New Year!