Our customer was in absolute technological pain.

Citrix partner and specialist, MTM Technologies, recently worked with a large Midwestern news organization that helped them realize the value of having multiple Citrix specializations.

According to Bill Kleyman, MTM vice president of strategy and innovation, the news organization had an outdated datacenter, old virtualization solutions and lacked effective centralized access.

“Using the power of our specializations, we helped create a completely new virtualization platform leveraging NetScaler, XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile and the entire Cisco UCS stack. We designed a turnkey architecture that the customer’s small IT team could more easily manage. Reporters can access the environment faster, and administrators can catch issues proactively with improved reporting capabilities.”

The result? Their satisfied customer says MTM “created a cloud-ready solution which, from day one, worked flawlessly. Our staff sleeps far more soundly today.”

Citrix partners since 1996

MTM, a partner for nearly 20 years, has evolved along with Citrix.

“We’ve seen this industry grow from simple server and application access to next-generation content delivery environments,” said Kleyman. “Our architects, engineers and salespeople have made the journey to the cloud ecosystem we see today. Along the way, access to sales training, collateral materials and our partner managers has been absolutely critical. We’ve stayed sharp and relevant by working with Citrix marketing, demand generation and technology liaisons.”

As soon as Citrix announced the Specialist program, MTM Technologies immediately began working on all four competencies simultaneously.

We aimed for across-the-board Specialist designation for several reasons.

“Investment in specialization reinforces our commitment to Citrix, one of our largest partners. In combination, the four areas strengthen our ability to architect and deliver full solutions that span datacenters, desktops, file sharing, mobility, cloud and security. Also, the Specialist badge helps MTM stand out from competitors. As more customers become familiar with Specialist, we believe they will seek out partners with proven Citrix expertise.”

Perhaps most important, MTM is seeing Citrix devote more attention and supply better responses to partners, creating a tighter bond. Regular calls with Citrix regional and national counterparts and participation in the Platinum Council give MTM direct lines of communication with field sales and services staff, architects and executives.

Specializations help customers from enterprises to SMBs

Although it has 350 employees and a dozen offices nationwide, MTM does not focus solely on large enterprise customers.

“We’re able to manage massive projects for large-scale enterprises, but we also have unparalleled capabilities for supporting SMB and mid-market segments. Regardless of size or vertical industry, we create next-generation datacenter, mobility, and security solutions that help customers become more competitive.”

They often target use cases such as business continuity, security and user experience. For example, MTM has found that the mid-market, SMBs and even enterprises are actively looking for ways to secure their environments more effectively while still supporting mobility.

In addition to achieving specializations in record time, MTM stays current with the latest Citrix technologies and releases, such as StoreFront and CloudBridge Virtual WAN.

Kleyman noted, “When Citrix releases a new technology, we quickly examine it and identify specific use cases. If we see a new NetScaler feature – such as Framehawk with NetScaler 11 – we immediately understand how it can make a true difference for a business.”

MTM’s long-term goals focus on cloud expansion and direct security integration. At a strategic level, the partner works with customers to demystify the technological landscape and demonstrate the power of IT.

We’ll be using Citrix and ecosystem technologies to achieve these goals and overcome future challenges.

Step up to Specialist

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