The Citrix Trends and Innovation site is where the Citrix Technology Office posts original thought leadership articles as well as link to blog content written by anyone within Citrix who has a thought leadership angle.

It is also where the Citrix Technology Office provides links to interesting technology experiments from across the entire company. As we get ready to close out 2015, we are highlighting the top 5 Citrix Trends and Innovation articles based on the amount of views each article had throughout 2015.

1. Predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016 (December 2015)

The most read article was the last article published in 2015, a collaboration between prolific Citrix bloggers and technologists: Chris Fleck, Chris Matthieu and Chris Witeck (which we referred to in the article as a triple Chris latte). In this article they highlight what will be the top 7 predictions for the Internet of Things in 2016.

We believe in 2016 we will start to hear more public examples of IoT fatigue as we hear story after story of novel consumer-based IoT solutions that are either ahead of their time or in reality just not solving real problems. But through the noise, in 2016 there will be authentic IoT success stories where we see real world examples of IoT providing business value in the Enterprise. This will be driven by IoT platforms and machine learning that enable organizations to solve complex problems. Predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016

2. Technology Landscape (April 2015)

1431355823700The second most read article of 2015 was the 2020 Technology Landscape, a 5-year vision on the future of technology. This extensive look at the future of technology came from a broad list of contributing authors from the Citrix Technology Office, with Guy Bieber as the Lead Author and Managing Editor. This landscape provides the Citrix perspective on the latest technology trends and how those trends will impact workers, our Enterprise customers and key vertical markets.

Innovators are moving at an astonishing pace to improve the world. This brings us to this year’s theme for the Technology Landscape: Creating Your Future. We want to provide you the information and tools not only to anticipate the future but to create it… If you go on this journey with us, we will help you make sense of these dramatic changes. We will make your work more meaningful and five times more productive. We will help your company reinvent itself through innovation, and as always, we strive to help you work better and live better. The 2020 Technology Landscape

3. Interview with Brad Pedersen, Chief Architect and Senior Fellow at Citrix (April 2015)

The third most-read article of 2015 was a great interview conducted by Bruce Franson with Brad Pedersen, a Chief Architect and Senior Fellow at Citrix. Brad had just announced his retirement after 25 years with Citrix just prior to this article being published in April 2015.

We wanted to create a culture that was very collaborative and open, where everyone is equal, everyone contributed, everyone had a say, and everyone could make a difference – I would argue that culture continues within Citrix today.  I’m proud of that Citrix has been able to maintain that original culture.  I think most folks in Citrix are trying to do the “right” thing.  They are trying to do what they think will benefit the customer, the company and the people they work with – and that’s not true in a lot of companies.  It makes it enjoyable to come to work, and that’s why I stayed at Citrix for 25 years. Brad Pedersen, Citrix

4. Healthcare is Changing: 6 Trends You Should Watch (January 2015)

Fourth on our list of most read articles was the first article we published in 2015. Simon Farrugia examined 6 healthcare related trends worth keeping an eye on. In this article, Simon noted that much of the trends in health care relate less to the technology itself, but instead are focused on integrating and implementing the wide range of technologies that already exist.

Clearly the intersection of technology and healthcare at this point in time presents a unique opportunity for technologists and healthcare professionals to collaboratively change the face of healthcare for the better… This shift will evolve to include a more consumer-centric approach to healthcare, a shift to outcome-based medicine underpinned by new technologies, a focus on using data and deep analytics to help determine best courses of actions, new methods of engaging patients and ever increasing numbers of devices that blur the lines between medical and consumer applications. Healthcare is Changing: 6 Trends You Should Watch

5. The Internet of Things (IoT): The Best is Yet to Come (June 2015)

Closing out our series on the top 5 articles from Citrix Trends and Innovation is another article discussing the future of the Internet of Things. In this article Chris Witeck asks the question if IoT is overhyped or underestimated? He then closes the article stating the belief that IoT is indeed being underestimated, and that the real opportunity for IoT will come in the form of the Integration of Everything.

Large organizations are complex by nature, with complicated processes, a myriad of applications, databases and connections they are managing… This complexity presents a perfect opportunity for the Integration of Everything to add value for the Enterprise by opening up new opportunities for automation, and providing new insights gained from analytics more comprehensive than anything the Enterprise has had access to before.  The Internet of Things (IoT): The Best is Yet to Come

So there you have it, the top 5 articles from Citrix Trends and Innovation in 2015. As you may note, the common theme amongst most of these articles is that they are looking towards the future, looking at what trends are going to shape the technologies impacting Citrix’s customers and partners. And that is a major goal of the Citrix Technology Office, looking to the future to evaluate what technologies will have an impact on the products and services that Citrix offers.

Bonus 5 Trends and Innovation Articles

Going beyond the top 5, here are quick links to articles 6 through 10 that round out the most read articles from Citrix Trends and Innovation in 2015:

  1. We are Makers: How the Maker Revolution is Changing Software Innovation (March 2015), Simon Farrugia, Steve Silvas
  2. 5 Top Trends from CES 2015 (February 2015), Guy Bieber & Simon Farrugia
  3. Technology Trends in Higher Education Today and Tomorrow (August 2015), Chris Witeck & Nicole Nesrsta
  4. Could Smart Machines Become Too Smart (March 2015), Bruce Franson
  5. Understanding Security Options at the Endpoint (September 2015), Kurt Roemer & Christian Reilly