Citrix was one of the first vendors to collaborate with Cisco on ACI integrations. It’s been exciting to work with many of the customers considering these new technologies, and through this experience we’ve actually learned quite a bit to simplify initial deployments and POCs.

As many customers are busy closing out the year, and beginning to prepare for new projects in 2016, we thought we’d help with those preparations and release a new device package to further simplify the installation process.

If a customer already has a NetScaler configuration file (ns.conf) that they would like to migrate to APIC, they can do it in just a click! We’ve developed a new migration tool that can translate the existing configuration into APIC XML which simplifies the deployment of profiles in NetScaler. This tool is available on Citrix Insight Services to all users with a Citrix account.


We’ve also created a POC/Deployment Kit that can be used by anyone using service graphs on APIC with NetScaler. This POC kit is freely available on Github. It includes generic templates for various function profiles in standard deployment modes (one-arm, inline etc.) with detailed usage instructions.


As 2016 draws near, I can’t wait to see how our customers begin to test the boundaries of these new groundbreaking technologies. I’m sure we’ll have many more updates to share in the new year.

Happy New Year!