Mother Nature, just in time for the holidays, has given us the “gift” of the dreaded “El Niño” phenomenon. Uhh, thanks? I think socks or a fruitcake might be better stocking-stuffers. But I digress.

Since I moved out to California this past summer, the drought and water shortages have been top of mind for many. Weather gurus forecast a wicked El Niño that could threaten the west coast with severe flooding and mud slides this winter. And here it is. There’s been a constant rain over the past 24-48 hours. Despite the rains, we all still need to get to work, and wet roads equal traffic, lots of it.

For the people in Washington State, wet weather is an everyday occurrence (days when it doesn’t rain are far more scarce). The Washington State Department of Transportation bears the burden of not only ensuring that roadways are clear, but that residents of the state can safely get to their loved ones, especially during peak travel periods during the holidays.

In 2008, their website encountered some capacity and availability issues and they needed to replace their legacy Cisco content switching equipment. They evaluated several alternatives from many of the leading vendors, and decided on NetScaler. The rest is history.

We just published a case study following the department’s journey with NetScaler.

NetScaler ensures that traffic reports and web cams are available for residents on the department’s website. Additionally, they were able to expand their use of NetScaler to support several of their critical internal systems that include Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint. When the department needed to meet PCI compliance for their ferry reservation systems, NetScaler AppFirewall was the obvious choice.

You can read the full case study here.

For our Washingtonian friends up north, drive safely and happy holidays … and next time you log on to the DOT’s website, remember NetScaler Rocks!