In the past few years, we’ve seen some great features added to Citrix Provisioning Services. Performance and scalability have been greatly improved, as well as interoperability with Hypervisors and other technologies.

But the fact remains that the heart of your Citrix Provisioning Services implementation is your vDisk.

We’ve all seen them at least one time … those dreaded warning icons in the Replication Status window that tell us something is wrong. A bad Replication Status can affect Load Balancing and can cause server overloading and even outages.

Join me on the Instructor-Led Learning Lab SUM611: Provisioning Services vDisk management and maintenance where you will learn how to Diagnose and Troubleshoot some of the most common reasons for a bad Replication Status.

We will also cover additional troubleshooting and maintenance topics such as:

  • vDisk versioning usage and troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot broken vDisk Version Chains that can affect
    • Merging
    • Exporting-Importing vDisk Versions
  • vDisk Maintenance

If you’ve had specific scenarios related to vDisk Replication and Versioning, let me know and we can discuss it online or at Summit.

I hope to see you all at Summit!

Raul Davila is an Escalation Engineer with the Provisioning Services North America team. He has over 10 years of experience managing and troubleshooting complex IT environments across multiple operating systems. Raul has held positions as Front-line engineer, Lead engineer and Escalation engineer in the Technical Support team.