Every IT purchase should align with CxO goals and new research shows C-level goals for mobility, employee productivity and data security can be helped with Citrix Workspace Suite.

Organizations are choosing Citrix Workspace Suite to help their global and mobile workforces easily and securely access apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network. Citrix Workspace Suite is a single solution for IT, integrating virtualization, mobility and file sharing from into a single solution from one vendor.

In a new survey, Citrix Workspace Suite customers from around the globe shared how their investment in Citrix Workspace Suite aligns with C-level strategic priorities. They noted how it helps drive their organization be more mobile, secure and efficient — and the role Citrix Workspace Suite plays in reaching those goals.

C-Suite Chooses Citrix Workspace Suite

Top 6 C-Level Priorities – Driven by Citrix Workspace Suite

The survey asked “What are the key C-level priorities that align with your purchase of Citrix Workspace Suite?” Here are the top 6 results, all key initiatives for many global organizations.

  1. Enable mobility. CxOs know it’s a global and mobile world. With Citrix Workspace Suite, workers can use any device – tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac – and securely access business information from anywhere. A unified app store aggregates Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps for delivery to any device. Enterprise services, such as apps and data, are centralized in a single place where workers have self-service access to the apps they need to be productive. Native mobile apps for secure email, calendar, browsing and more can maximize productivity and security for mobile workers.
  2. Improve employee experience. Organizations have goals for fewer help desk calls and better user satisfaction. Citrix Workspace Suite delivers a consistent employee experience on any device – less frustration, happier employees. IT can provide high performance Windows content over low bandwidth high latency WANs, highly variable 3G/4G mobile networks or a reliable corporate LAN. Workers can smoothly conduct business on any mobile device while IT is securing the delivery of mobile, web, and SaaS apps.
  3. Improve security and privacy. Data is the organization’s most important asset, and one that needs to be protected. Secure app and data delivery is core to Citrix Workspace Suite. Employees can access and sync data from any device and securely share it. IT can use additional features such as data encryption, password authentication, secure lock and wipe, inter-app policies and micro VPNs to mobile apps to further secure data on devices.
  4. Drive business productivity and efficiency. Today business doesn’t just happen in a cubicle from 9-5. Improve employee productivity with instant access to enterprise apps, corporate data and personalized desktops from any device. Keep business efficiently running 24×7 by empowering workers to complete projects from any location, over any speed of network connection.
  5. Speed IT service delivery. Gone are the days of learning different vendor approaches for virtualization, mobility and networking. Citrix Workspace Suite is a single, flexible solution that can streamline application and desktop deployment and mobility management to reduce IT costs. By centrally managing and delivering on-demand standard images, IT can improve the success rate of application and desktop image updates and provide role-based management, configuration, security and support for corporate and employee-owned devices. A comprehensive solution streamlines mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise-grade productivity apps.
  6. Align business and IT. Workers want to be efficient, even if it means going around corporate policies. Business unit managers may be investigating SaaS-based apps to simplify the way their employees access business data. Keep the control in the IT department with a secure, single point of access to business apps, data and services. Citrix Workspace Suite allows users secure access to key line of business apps and data, while also letting IT control app delivery and adherence to corporate standards.

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