I had a recent chance to sit down with Chris Fleck, VP of Emerging Solutions for Citrix and Chris Matthieu, Director of IoT Engineering for Citrix (and Co-Founder of Octoblu) and between the three of us we came up with our predictions for the Internet of Things in 2016. You can read the full article here or read a shortened version below:

To provide a quick summary for this blog, we believe that in 2016 we will start to hear more public examples of IoT fatigue as we hear story after story of novel consumer-based IoT solutions that are either ahead of their time or in reality just not solving real problems. But through the noise, in 2016 there will be authentic IoT success stories where we see real world examples of IoT providing business value in the Enterprise. This will be driven by IoT platforms and machine learning that enable organizations to solve complex problems, letting IoT start the climb towards the “Slope of Enlightenment” (to borrow a Gartner expression).

Below is an abbreviated version of our top 7 predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016:

1. The Rise of IoT Fatigue (Chris Witeck)

With all of the public buzz associated with the latest IoT devices and solutions, the question is being asked over and over again if perhaps there is too much hype and too little substance when it comes to IoT solutions. I asked a similar question earlier this year when I asked if the Internet of Things is overhyped or underestimated? So I believe that in 2016, you will start to see more and more commentary crushing the IoT hype bubble, and perhaps more and more illustrations of IoT products and solutions that don’t have a clearly defined business model.

2. Machine / Deep Learning (Chris Matthieu)

The Integration of Everything mentioned above will really help drive an increased number of discussions and projects related to machine learning, distributed computing, and deep learning in 2016. There are plenty of real examples where more and more IoT products and vehicles can stream real-time sensor data into IoT and social networking platforms allowing this data to mined in real-time for patterns related to trends and anomalies that can be applied to automation.

3. IoT Spreads in the Enterprise (Chris Fleck)

In 2016, we will see more and more emphasis on using IoT and the Integration of Everything to solve complex business problems. While this won’t grab as much public attention as deflating a hype bubble, as mentioned above, it will really start to build momentum behind the Enterprise business model for IoT. One large Enterprise opportunity is in Healthcare and another example is how IoT is going to power the smart-office in 2016. IoT will help enable this transformation with meeting room automation, workflow orchestration and facilities optimization.

4. More Momentum for Connected/Driverless Cars & Drones (Chris Matthieu)

2016 will be the year of connected, assisted, and driverless cars. While we may not see driverless cars on the road en masse in 2016, we will see significant momentum made in accepting the concept. While drones have been in the news now for a while, 2016 will see drones take on abilities more useful than spying on celebrities. Drones and robots are now being introduced into agriculture to take photos of plants and using deep learning to detect unhealthy plants and recommending nutrients. Additional examples we are seeing include one-hour shopping deliveries via drones, construction companies using drones for 3D modeling and sporting events using drones to film video of ski runs, races, games, etc.

5. IoT Related Security Breaches in the News (Chris Witeck)

I don’t think you can have any type of technology predictions without mentioning security. When it comes to IoT security where does that stand? I think we will hear more examples of security vulnerabilities driven by a ‘thing’ in 2016. The real trend will be when our security posture becomes much more adaptive and context-aware, using machine learning and the increased number of data collection points driven by IoT to take access control to the next level. This is absolutely a necessary step in our security evolution, and one I think will be more of a 2017 trend and beyond.

6. IT Assigns an IoT Champion (Chris Fleck)

We discussed above how 2016 will see IoT spreading in the Enterprise as well as more attention being paid to IoT related security breaches. This will require IT to assign an IoT champion, as IT management will recognize the business opportunity presented by IoT as well as the recognize potential for IoT to impact infrastructure like networks, facilities and phone systems.

7. Validation of the IoT Platform (Chris Witeck)

I believe that in 2016, we will see IoT platforms become more mature, with more examples of IoT platforms solving real business problems. With the market for IoT platforms already a crowded space, where does that leave Citrix Octoblu? I think a core business proposition for the Internet of Things is simplifying within a complex environment the delivery of data, applications and services to people, places and things, back to concept of the ‘Integration of Everything’. That aligns well with the core Citrix value proposition on the secure delivery of apps and data, leaving plenty of room for Citrix to innovate in 2016 and beyond.

This blog was adapted from an longer article, which you can read here.

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