Demos are powerful tools that can address concerns visually, highlight key features and help accelerate the decision-making process.

The Americas Partner Demo Derby asked our partners to send us a short video on how they showcase Citrix products. Videos came in from far and wide, and they were creative, entertaining and showed us the vast technical and sales knowledge in our Partner community.

Thank you all of those who participated!

From the entries, the Demo Derby Council is pleased to announce these Round One winners:


  1. Rick Passero of IPM
  2. Mark Spinney of Aqueduct
  3. Patrick Gent of Aqueduct


  1. Patrick Coble of LPS
  2. Mike Maguire of Sirius
  3. Jim Clifton of Cumberland


  1. Jesse Korn of RKON
  2. Don Pugliese of AEC
  3. Cammy Sumner of Emergent Networks


  1. Chris McDuffie of Structured
  2. Andrew Stott of GTRI
  3. Dane Young of Entisys

Public Sector

  1. Chris Eastman of Accelera

Latin America & Caribbean

  1. Julio Cesar Andrade Jimenez of Corporativo


  1. Justin Valdes of Convergence

Round Two

From the above group, the First Place Winners are now all finalists to be our overall winner and first runner-up. These will be chosen by popular vote and announced on January 11th at the North Americas Breakout Session at Summit 2016 in Las Vegas.

Voting begins December 16, 2015 and will close on January 6, 2016.

Go to to see our talented partners and vote.

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