Become a Strategic Advisor Using An Integrated Mobile Workspace Approach

4 ways partners expand Citrix Workspace Suite

Citrix partners can expand their 2016 revenue stream with Citrix Workspace Suite. As an end-to-end mobile workspace solution, Citrix Workspace Suite creates new and expanded partner services opportunities while driving higher margin and incentives. With Citrix Workspace Suite, partners can expand their services offerings to cover mobile workspaces, a broader business strategy conversation that opens doors to C-level decision makers.

At Citrix Summit, the premiere professional development technology conference for partners, learn more about enabling customers to easily and securely access apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network. See how Citrix Workspace Suite provides a single solution for IT to manage and how to successfully position it against point solutions. Discover how amazing discounts – up to 50% off for competitive replacements and 60% for current Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile customer trade-ups – help new and existing customers move to Citrix Workspace Suite.

Citrix Workspace Suite is a complete mobile workspace solution that consolidates core Citrix technologies: XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile, CloudBridge and aspects of NetScaler.

Workers benefit from secure access to apps, data and services from any device. IT benefits from a secure, complete and integrated solution from a single trusted vendor.

Four Ways Citrix Workspace Suite Expands Partner Revenue

By taking a strategic approach Citrix partners can deliver the complete workspace – apps, data, mobility and networking – and expand revenue in 4 key ways.

  1. Go beyond desktops. Many customers are now looking for support for mobile devices and apps and for secure sharing of data. Citrix partners are well versed in delivering Windows apps and desktops, and that will continue to be a very strong business. This new customer demand means there is more value that Citrix partners can deliver to an organization. Citrix Workspace Suite encompasses all of these areas –traditional app and desktop delivery as well as mobility and secure file sharing.
  2. Secure a larger footprint in accounts. By working with existing XenApp and XenDesktop customers who need to add mobility or file sharing, your firm can introduce the broader value proposition and offer attractive pricing for complete mobile workspaces. Many current Citrix customers may be able to repurpose their existing maintenance budgets for a purchase of Citrix Workspace Suite. This delivers more overall value for the customer while achieving their business mobility objectives. It also helps your firm get introduced to other leaders in customer accounts, such as the mobility team, networking leaders and more of the infrastructure team. Start the mobile workspace conversation by asking “who else is impacted by mobility needs?” and meet more decision makers in the organization.
  3. Grow services revenue. Citrix Workspace Suite is a solution that addresses C-level strategic objectives. Strategic solutions are excellent opportunities for services-led sales. With Citrix Workspace Suite, partners can offer additional consulting, implementation and management services around mobility, file sharing, networking and workplace transformation.
  4. Become a strategic advisor to your customers. Expanding into areas beyond apps and desktops can help your firm be seen as more of an all-around business strategist. When your firm can offer services and technology solutions that achieve C-level objectives and drive the customer’s growth and success you become integral to the customer’s long term plans.

How to Transform to a Strategic Advisor for Integrated Mobile Workspace

Citrix partners can start to expand their 2016 business by investing in sales, technical and marketing training at Citrix Summit, coming up in January. Help current staff expand their Citrix skillset by getting familiar with Citrix secure app and data delivery solutions at the on-site event. Learn how to sell and competitively position Citrix Workspace Suite on Monday, Jan 11 in SUM116: Use Citrix Workspace Suite to beat VMware and other mobility providers while exceeding your quota.

While at Citrix Summit, technical teams can get hands on lab experience with the key Citrix technologies that make up Citrix Workspace Suite. Also, marketing teams can learn how to use Citrix no-charge marketing tools to cultivate customer interest in expanded offerings and find pre-set channel partner kits to help sell Citrix Workspace Suite.

Current technical and business staff can expand their skills with Citrix Workspace Suite – and expand your revenue stream in 2016. Learn more and register today at

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