The IT leaders who came together at HP Discover 2015 London explored the power and possibilities of the latest HPE and Citrix solutions, technologies, thought leadership and best practices for the enterprise. Now, as the dust settles, you’re likely asking: what will the coming year bring, and what does it mean for my business?

Discover 2015 London provided valuable context to understand the guiding vision and direction of the HPE-Citrix partnership. As presented at the event, HPE is focused on solutions to today’s most important IT challenges, acting as a consultant to customers to help them leverage innovation to:

  • Transform to a hybrid infrastructure built around hyperconverged systems and linked public and private cloud environment
  • Protect the digital enterprise with comprehensive measures from firewalls to antivirus to disaster recovery
  • Empower the data-driven enterprise through hardware, software and solutions to turn information into real-time, actionable insights
  • Enable workplace productivity though new levels of mobility, communication, collaboration and agility

While Citrix helps enterprises address all of these areas, it’s the fourth that forms the core of the collaboration between Citrix and HPE as we enter 2016. Citrix solutions provide a foundation for workplace productivity through workforce mobility, digital collaboration, app virtualization, data sharing and access and any-device, any-network connectivity for users. We’ll work with HPE to help our joint customers deliver the mobile workspaces that enable full productivity wherever people work and wherever business takes place.

Citrix and HPE already have a rich array of solutions in the market today, including optimized client virtualization, desktop virtualization, app virtualization and networking, as well as consulting services to help put them to work in the right way for each customer. New joint solutions are coming out every day, including a few that Discover 2015 London attendees explored firsthand:

  • HPE Smart Digital Collaboration Space (Collaborate3) – A glimpse of the state of the art in automation featured a conference room demo on the show floor with a better way for people to meet and work together. Integrated technologies including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Surface Pro, Aruba wireless access points and beacons, HP computing devices and more, interconnected with Citrix Octoblu Internet of Things technology, created a physical and digital environment that anticipated and responded to the needs of the people within it to heighten creativity, productivity and engagement.
  • The HPE Moonshot Trader Workstation – Designed for Wall Street traders, this powerful and flexible platform built around HPE Moonshot hardware, Citrix XenDesktop virtualization software and low-energy thin clients lets the banking community do better business more easily. In a market where milliseconds can mean millions of dollars, the Moonshot trader workstation eliminates the need for massive, individually maintained machines under each trader’s desk while delivering lightning-fast performance for apps, all while powering up to six high definition displays.
  • HPE’s Edgeline IoT product family – HPE announced a new line of IoT products at Discover London called Edgeline. The first two products are compatible with the Citrix Octoblu IoT programming engine right out of the box, a tremendous advantage that lets companies connect a collection of heterogeneous IoT components without having to write a lot of new programs and get new capabilities up and running quickly. Acting as the “glue” for IoT, Citrix Octoblu makes it easy to challenge your imagination with all sorts of new workflows optimized for your style of IT.

Citrix and HPE will continue to innovate on unique solutions to help our customers achieve transformational results in the four areas highlighted at Discover 2015 London, with particular focus on Enabling the Most Productive Workplace. It’s what Citrix has always done, and now we can help HPE’s clients move to the reality that this transformative area offers —leverage mobile workspaces to enable the next generation of workers and applications as the pace of business accelerates.

Learn more about the HPE-Citrix alliance and the innovations we’re bringing to market today: