The more than 13,500 attendees at this week’s HP Discover event in London had the opportunity to glimpse the future right on the show floor.

Octoblu HP Discover

The HP Smart Digital Collaboration Space, a.k.a. “The Cube,” presented an immersive demo of a workplace powered by Octoblu Internet of Things technology. Calling it a more seamless, automated user experience doesn’t do it justice—imagine physical and digital spaces that respond intelligently to the needs of the people within them to inspire creativity, productivity and engagement.

When HP came to Citrix and said they needed our help to create the office of the future—one that wove everything from Aruba beacons to a variety of computing devices and apps into a single automated environment—we were happy to oblige. That’s exactly what Octoblu is designed to do. Our unofficial motto is, we connect anything to everything.

As a flexible Internet of Things platform and workflow automation engine, Octoblu uses a plug-in architecture to let you connect disparate protocols, systems and devices any way you like, to do anything you want.

Here’s what visitors to The Cube experienced: when you walked into the room, it welcomed you by name as the Phillips Hue LED lighting changed from green to red. Then the devices in The Cube got to work—an HP tablet on the door turned from available to occupied and listed the attendees inside by name, HP Surface PCs connected to Skype for Business, Samsung TVs fire up and your session went live. As your meeting came to an end, The Cube tweeted a selfie and emailed you the image as a souvenir, and then reset itself for the next group.

Octoblu HP Discover

Needless to say, The Cube got an enthusiastic response from Discover attendees, with hundreds of people participating in sessions throughout the day. It was a great way to bring the magic of innovation to life and show how the best technology is often the most transparent—the things you need just happen, so you can spend your time interacting, collaborating and doing business with other people instead of fussing with control and inputs.

But The Cube was also just a tease—it barely scratched the surface of Octoblu, the Internet of Things and the Citrix vision for digital workplace transformation.

At Discover, attendees experienced Octoblu in the context of a conference room session. Citrix customers are already starting to learn what Octoblu means in the context of our full solution set, where it makes life simple and more seamless in myriad ways to increase productivity, mobility and engagement.

Here are just a few of the things it makes possible:

  • Make Citrix NetScaler even more secure through automated workflows across Splunk Enterprise Security that can block NetScaler ports or disable Active Directory or Citrix Storefront accounts in response to a high number of rapid failed login attempts.
  • Allow users to move a running Citrix XenDesktop session from their iPad to an Android-powered Workspace Hub with a monitor and keyboard—and remap their printer, adjust the room lights, sign them into LinkedIn and set their IP phone extension to the nearest handset along the way.
  • Automate the entire app approval workflow for Citrix Storefront, from user request, to manager sign-off, to permissions update, to employee notification.

Available in public beta for a little more than a year, Octoblu is already being used by more than 6,000 registered users at organizations in consumer electronics, military, healthcare, retail and more. It’s been fun and inspiring to see what people have been doing with it, going far beyond anything we could have imaged to improve efficiency, security, customer engagement and productivity—and, more profoundly, to change the way people experience their physical and digital environments.

We hope you’ll join these customers and the attendees who visited The Cube at Discover, and experience Octoblu for yourself. You can sign up free for Octoblu services any time—check it out, play with it and see where your inspiration takes you.