Microsoft released Windows 10 in July with great incentive for existing customers to upgrade quickly—it’s free in the first year.

Millions have made the move so far. But largely, those are consumers upgrading their own devices. What is happening at the corporate level?

To find out, we asked Citrix customers about their plans to move to Windows 10. We learned that 79% of customers are likely to adopt Windows 10 and 65% plan to migrate by the end of 2016 .

Windows 7 does not reach end of extended support until 2020, but the majority of businesses in our survey say they’re making the move in the next year. Why? Because employees are already upgrading their work devices without turning to IT.

The dynamic of managing the desktop OS has changed and IT no longer has the same control over devices that they’ve had in the past. Windows users are taking advantage–in droves–of the free upgrade, accelerating the timeline for IT to ensure that their employees can run corporate apps on those devices.


Concerns about OS Migration

What about the customers that aren’t quite ready to make the move? They cite concerns about application compatibility as the number one reason for delaying a move to Windows 10. Managing the application migration was not far behind.


OS Migration Strategies

We also asked about what migration strategies or practices would make the most sense for organizations. One third of participants responded that tools that can capture settings and automatically transfer to their new version would be helpful.

Streamlining Windows 10 migration

In October, Citrix announced AppDNA Express, a free, experimental service in Workspace Cloud Labs. AppDNA Express is a simple and lightweight “app analysis as a service” built on the same core technology as the AppDNA feature that is available in XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum edition. It helps you to quickly evaluate if the apps your workers use every day are going to be compatible on Windows 10.

In a survey last year, Forbes found that on average 508 applications are in use within each enterprise. Manually testing over 500 apps in an enterprise is a massive undertaking. AppDNA can accelerate the application migration time by as much as 90%. Imagine what strategic projects your IT department could focus on when they’re not testing apps in Windows 10.

Try it – it’s free!

If you’re curious about trying AppDNA Express for migrating to Windows 10, Citrix makes it easy and free. Anyone can sign up for a free Workspace Cloud account to try AppDNA Express in Workspace Cloud Labs.

Learn more about AppDNA Express.