I’m excited to announce XenMobile’s placement as a leader in the recently released report: The Forrester Wave™ Enterprise Mobile Management, Q4 2015.

The report begins by pointing out some specific ways in which the EMM market is evolving.  These are trends that XenMobile has also identified and used to develop our vision and strategy, so it’s no surprise that we were named a leader in the report.  Here are a couple of findings from the Forrester report:

As mobile device management (MDM) technology becomes outdated and less effective, improved app and data management will dictate which providers lead the pack.”

“Vendors that can provide a combination of data, app and unified device management position themselves to successfully deliver a productivity and security solution to drive workforce enablement for their customers.

It makes sense. If you had to whittle down EMM into two strategic areas of focus it would actually be quite simple. Security and productivity. Everything else is subset of these two pillars.

Under the security pillar, Citrix XenMobile has a very strong solution. In fact, we received the highest possible rating of 5 in the report categories of containerization and identity and access control.

With XenMobile, we cater to those customers and vertical uses cases that require the highest levels of security and control.  End-to-end FIPS compliance, certificate pinning, S/MIME support and per-app micro-VPNs are just a few examples how XenMobile leads the way in EMM security excellence.

The report states:

Citrix has strong application and data security capabilities and also addresses network security and load balancing with its NetScaler offering, which works across its entire product portfolio.

With EMM, many people view security as a “must have” and productivity/user-experience as a “nice to have.” With XenMobile we challenge this notion.

XenMobile has always made large investments in user experience. We were the first vendor to see value in developing an in-house suite of productivity apps built to work as a single system with Worx apps. Today, our Worx apps still lead the way with unique workflow features developed by our Customer Experience and Design Team.

According to Forrester,

Citrix’s focus on productivity and user experience means strong business apps and business process transformation.”

“Citrix’s commitment to great user experience is evident across its portfolio of secure productivity apps, which are integrated to help employee workflows that span multiple applications.

We believe The Forrester Wave™ report is great confirmation for the XenMobile Team that we’re putting our investments in the right places.

We encourage you to access a complimentary copy of the report HERE.