Get expert personal guidance in The Citrix Booth Experience at Summit 2016

What resources do you need from Citrix? You’ll find everything you’re looking for at The Citrix Booth Experience at Citrix Summit 2016, in Las Vegas January 11–13. From the moment you’re greeted at the welcome desk, staff will guide you to theater presentations, expert help and specific demos that help you make the most of your Citrix partnership.

Demo the technology

Sometimes you want information on a particular product. Sometimes you need an in-depth discussion of your pain points before you can even attempt a solution. The Citrix Booth Experience is set up to accommodate both types of analysis. Completely reimagined to highlight the most important demos for partners and customers and the most relevant use cases from a field perspective, The Citrix Booth Experience enables you to take a purely personal approach to new Citrix technology.

One half of the demo station section will offer a solutions discussion, while the other side is a deep-dive look at each product being showcased.

On the use case side, partners will get contextual discussions highlighting Citrix value propositions rather than simple product features. So, for example, you’ll have a chance to talk about specific challenges you or your customers are facing, such as solutions for projects already lined up or how to manage upgrades and migrations for XenApp. These use cases have been validated with senior SEs and address what they’re facing in the field, so you’ll have credible insights and something you can leverage after Summit. You’ll also gain specific insights into the challenges faced by customers in government, healthcare, education and financial services.

Then, on the product side, PMs and product engineers will do product-specific deep dives and talk about newly launched solutions along with new versions and features of flagship products. Learn about the product innovations that matter most to your customers and your implementations.

Ask the Experts

Solve your challenges in four moves or less: like a four-sided Rubik’s Cube, the Ask the Experts Bar offers resources from Sales, Technical, Verticals and Partner programs to discuss your most complex challenges.

Here in the center of The Citrix Booth Experience, you can ask more specific questions following a demo station presentation and talk to Citrix solutions teams about how to present winning deals using Citrix solutions for key vertical markets. You can also go directly to the Ask the Experts Bar for assistance with your Build.Plan, and whiteboard technical issues with consultants and architects.

Meet the geeks

Want to learn more about ShareFile’s technical architecture or how to migrate to XenDesktop 7.6? In the Geek Speak @ Summit Theater, you’ll find short and focused presentations on intensive technical topics including app compatibility, migration, monitoring, troubleshooting and improving the user experience. You’ll also find lots of interactive and informal geek discussions with your peers and CTPs.

As you move through the booth, have some fun! Collect the various pieces of the build-your-own MiniMes by attending demos, visiting the Ask the Experts Bar and stopping by the Public Relations and Social Media Center in  the Solutions Expo to scan QR codes and earn points.

I hope to see you in Las Vegas this January. Visit today for registration information!

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