This past week, Citrix Ready and NRG Global co-hosted a webinar on continuous testing of Citrix applications: “How to streamline performance, regression, and security testing.”

We had an amazing turnout from all over the globe. Thanks to all who joined us; you made it a big success! The high level of interest makes it apparent that there is a definite need for an easy, effective method to keep an upper hand on Citrix testing.

The focus of the webinar was why testing Citrix apps from the front end is paramount.

The complexity of today’s interconnected systems makes it almost impossible to cover all testing needs with a single tool.

From our roots as testing consultants, we know the biggest challenges faced in testing are :

  • Multi-tiered applications
  • Complex protocols. Especially challenging to do with the smart streaming ICA protocol.
  • Lack of open APIs
  • Short time frame

Testing from the user standpoint (the front end) not only circumvents all these issues, but ultimately gives the most accurate view of your applications.

How do we do it?

The highly advanced image search technology allows the testing software to behave exactly as a human does: responding to visual cues on the screen with keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and then responding to subsequent screens; all the while recording all the response times and any irregularities it sees.

The technology even can handle changes in the images and unexpected events like pop-up windows

This data is presented in clear dashboards with zoom in capabilities so the IT team has full knowledge of where the issues lie and can address them easily.

Anyone can create scripts with NRG Global’s testing suite. No code is needed, and when your application changes, you can quickly modify the scripts by changing one image or one line.

We were honored to be joined by Elizabeth Case from Consumers Energy who shared her experience using AppLoader.  Her team managed to continuously run load performance tests with AppLoader through Jenkins.

Even though they had complex scenarios they manage to create a continuous testing environment relatively easily and they were running 300 tests in 2 months.

In the last 10 minutes of the webinar, NRG Global demonstrates how simple it is to create Citrix scripts with our Scenario builder, they created a Citrix script in a live production environment, and then ran a performance test and a continuous test. It really is a very accessible technology and our team is ready to assist anyone with installing and running a script in your own environment.

For anyone who missed it, you can view the webinar below:

For more info on the testing solutions, visits their Website: