2015 saw another great year for Citrix technology innovation across all of our product lines – Thinwire and Framehawk technologies in XenApp, device and MDM-independent MAM in XenMobile, Unified Gateway in NetScaler, Restricted Zones in ShareFile, and the world’s first hybrid workspace service with Citrix Workspace Cloud.

In this note, I’d like to provide a few more updates specifically on XenMobile and where we’re headed to provide the best possible value to customers as they pursue their enterprise mobility initiatives.

We’ll break things down into 3 categories: secure mobile apps, containerization, and workspace solutions.

Secure Mobile Apps

What’s a mobility solution if it doesn’t include the actual apps? XenMobile provides the most comprehensive suite of secure mobile apps available today, and most importantly, with natural and seamless workflows between them: WorxMail, WorxWeb, WorxNotes, WorxTasks, ShareFile, QuickEdit and ShareConnect.

And thanks to XenMobile 10.2, released earlier this year, workflow interoperability and security policy controls for Microsoft Office have never been better.  And there’s more to come.

A question we always get is around support for Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business. Today I’m pleased to announce that a new secure mobile app called WorxChat is coming very soon.  WorxChat will seamlessly support Lync/Skype on the back end. Stay tuned for more details.  And what about support for Cisco Jabber?  We have it today. If you’d like more info on these topics, please contact us.


There’s no question that XenMobile MDX™ technology provides the most secure EMM solution out there for MAM-only implementations – absolutely critical for BYOD or data privacy needs.  If you’re not familiar with MAM (mobile application management) and that “MAM-only” means that MDM and device enrollment are optional, learn more here.

What about customers wanting to “leverage the container built into the device OS”?  Great!  XenMobile MAM and MDM technologies can fully provide and interface with device security controls.  Not only do we natively integrate with Apple iOS security, but we have one of the industry’s strongest solutions for Google Android for Work and Samsung KNOX.

What about Windows? What about laptops? Today I’m excited to announce our support for MDM and BYOD security policies for Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple Mac OSX! This is coming with XenMobile 10.3 due to release in just a few weeks.

What else should we be looking forward to? There’s one IT challenge that is imposed by every MAM solution provider, and that’s the need to “manually wrap” enterprise mobile apps so they can be protected and delivered in secure containers. That’s a real pain for IT departments as with each passing month, the number of internally-built apps grows – in fact, it’s not uncommon for our customers to have 20 to 100 already!

At our Citrix Synergy customer conference this past May, we demonstrated a concept for the “dynamic containerization” of mobile apps without requiring manual SDK insertion or wrapping tools. The customer interest for this technology has been nothing short of amazing.

Based on this response and for the quickest time to market, our first release of this technology is for use with a customer’s internal iOS and Android mobile apps – we’re calling it “auto wrapping.” We’re including it within XenMobile and saying goodbye to manual SDK and wrapping tools! More details coming soon.

We also get many questions about using the technology for third-party (non-Citrix and non-customer) mobile apps. Although technically possible, this would require extensive app compatibility testing and EULA approvals by all parties, both of which are not to be underestimated. We certainly continue to research this use-case and champion our customers’ needs with our alliance and ISV partners. At this time, we do not have this planned on our XenMobile product roadmap.

Workspace Solutions

The absolute strength of the Citrix mobility offering is its workspace portfolio that is unmatched by any vendor – XenApp, XenMobile, ShareFile, and NetScaler. These four products work in unison, providing a holistic solution for a truly secure, digital workspace – from call centers, to engineering workstations, to mobile tablets, to BYOD laptops – no one offers a better solution today or vision for the future. XenApp for delivering Windows, Linux, and Web apps, XenMobile for securing SaaS and mobile apps and devices, ShareFile for data security, and NetScaler as the unified gateway for all of it.

XenMobile has embraced this integration to the fullest, with XenMobile Enterprise including ShareFile and NetScaler secure gateway for a world-class EMM offering.

With ShareFile, XenMobile users can seamlessly open, modify, and share files across apps and from any device.  And with ShareFile StorageZones, those files can be transparently stored in any cloud – private, public or hybrid – and with any backend system or web service – network drives, SharePoint, Office 365, Box, OneDrive, DropBox, and so on.

With NetScaler, XenMobile users connect to corporate resources through a FIPS-140 compliant, end-to-end secure gateway. XenMobile apps create the industry’s only micro-VPN which is truly at the secure app layer (not device layer), and not to be confused with “per app” configuration look-alikes. And this gateway is no slouch – it’s built on NetScaler’s enterprise-class platform for unmatched security, performance, and scale.

And what can we expect in the near future? More integration! With NetScaler endpoint analysis and SmartAccess™ conditional access, XenApp app and browser security, XenMobile device and workflow control, and ShareFile DLP security – all working even better together.

In Closing …

I hope this update provides a peek into our EMM innovation and a sense for what we’re working hard on at Citrix for our customers. Every company we speak to, large or small, is going mobile, and they are looking for Citrix to securely and seamlessly thread together the exciting mobile platform technologies that Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Samsung are bringing to market every day.