January is one of my favorite months. Welcoming the new year, breaking new year’s resolutions, crisp winter air, and most importantly because of Citrix Summit.

2016’s Summit event is shaping up to be the best yet. I might be biased, but I’ll say that’s because of the lineup of technical content for Citrix Workspace Cloud. We’re bringing in the heavy hitters from engineering, product management, and partners to deliver the very latest technical material, straight from the source.

If you’re going to Citrix Summit and want to learn more about Workspace Cloud, it will be featured throughout the week. From the general keynotes, breakout sessions, and learning labs you’ll want to put the following into your must-attend list.

Without further ado, I present “Workspace Cloud at Summit 2016 – The Unofficial Guide”

Breakout Sessions

  • SUM211 – Selecting the best multi-cloud resource locations for Workspace Cloud deployments
    • One of the key differentiators with Workspace Cloud is the ability for customers to place their workspace workloads wherever best meets their needs – on-premises, public clouds or a hybrid cloud. Whether customers do this for economic, performance, affinity, or data sovereignty, how do you analyze the decision criteria to provide the best solution? Tom Reed, from our Americas sales team, and I will lead this session.
  • SUM212 – Workspace Cloud and how it works: a technical deep dive  
    • Workspace Cloud provides a new delivery approach to provide workspaces to people. Separating the management and control plane from where the workloads operate and consuming a SaaS service introduces new technical concepts. John Cattaneo, from Engineering, and Gunnar Berger, from our CTO Office, will dive deep into the major components such as the Cloud Connector, authentication and communication paths, and how services such as Apps and Desktops and Mobility can quickly be delivered through Workspace Cloud.
  • SUM214 – How to accelerate deployments and simplify management of XenApp & XenDesktop using Citrix validated blueprints
    • Lifecycle Management is a core service within Workspace Cloud, helping customers and partners accelerate both traditional and cloud deployments with validated blueprints to rapidly deploy and configure all the necessary components needed for a traditional XenApp or XenDesktop deployment. Kailas Jawadekar and Jie Feng, from our Lifecycle Management product team, will lead you through all the steps to give you the confidence to leverage the validated blueprints or build your own.
  • SUM215 – Delivering secure cloud services through Citrix Workspace Cloud
    • Security is a top concern when adopting any cloud service, especially one that is used to deliver the core apps and data people use to work. This is why we’ve built Workspace Cloud from the beginning to separate the management from the customer’s data/IP. Workspace Cloud architects, Tom Kludy and Rick Feijoo, will lead a can’t-miss session to break down the approach to core security aspects such as authentication, access control, encryption, compliance, and sovereignty.
  • SUM505 – Put the Horizon behind you by migrating to XenDesktop 7.6
    • One of the little known features of the Lifecycle Management service inside Workspace Cloud is the upgrade capability. This feature was first built to help customers transition from XenApp x to 7.x by analyzing the existing farm and migrating the apps and policies over to the new site. Customers asked us if this could be used to help migrate from VMware Horizon to XenDesktop, and we are happy to oblige. Allan Furmaniski, from our XenApp product team, and Carl Webster, Citrix Technology Professional extraordinaire, will walk through the steps needed to complete this migration manually as well as through Lifecycle Management.

Let us not forget that Summit isn’t just about the breakout sessions! We also have great opportunities for you to get your hands dirty through hands-on Citrix Learning Labs and our Workspace Cloud demo pods in the Solutions Expo.

With this lineup, I’m confident that partners will leave with the technical knowledge and hands-on experience to begin using these valuable cloud services in 2016.

See you at Citrix Summit 2016 – register today.

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