That’s right! Our stockings have been stuffed early this year, as NetScaler is one of the first ADC vendors to get Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP) certified. This is the gift that keeps on giving, too; achieving this kind of certification takes huge effort and all of the NetScaler engineers are to be congratulated.

NetScaler Rocks!

How do we say this is different from the old Common Criteria/EAL process? Well, in my previous common criteria blog, I reference the following about Common Criteria:

Common Criteria represents the outcome of efforts to develop criteria for evaluation of IT security that are widely useful within the international community. It is an alignment and development of a number of source criteria: the existing European, US and Canadian criteria (ITSEC, TCSEC and CTCPEC respectively). The Common Criteria resolves the conceptual and technical differences between the source criteria. It is a contribution to the development of an international standard, and opens the way to worldwide mutual recognition of evaluation results.

For this NDPP certification, which shows that NetScaler 10.5 is the first ADC product listed under the category of “Network and Network-Related Devices and Systems” with Assurance Level of PP Compliance. According to the NDPP document, PP means the following:

This is a Protection Profile (PP) for a network device. A network device in the context of this PP is a device composed of hardware and software that is connected to the network and has an infrastructure role in the overall enterprise.

As another reference from National Information Partnership website, “the Security Requirements for Network Devices Protection Profile (NDPP) defines the baseline Security Functional Requirements (SFRs) and Security Assurance Requirements (SARs) for network infrastructure devices in general.”

This also means network functionality that vendor claims will be independently verified by this 3rd party. NDPP process also require FIPS certification, so NetScaler was tested with latest 10.5 build, as it was with current FIPS platform (another big plus to really give customers the assurance of awesome security solutions for their network).

More info on Citrix security compliance, too, in the PDF docs that show NetScaler 10.5 certification details. Take the following, for example:

The product claims conformance with version 1.1 of the protection profile ‘Security Requirements for Network Devices’ [NDPP]

NetScaler NDPP Certification: it’s the best gift of the season (or any season)!