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As companies seek new ways to drive competitive advantage, it can be easy to overlook the corporate workplace itself. But success today depends on finding better ways to get things done—right down to the physical and digital environments your employees use.

This is where a workplace transformation comes into play. It’s time to rethink the traditional office space to better meet the needs of employees and the business. Move people out of assigned offices and into more open, unassigned seating that supports the various activities employees work on in a given day. Redesign space to include areas such as privacy rooms for creative work or confidential calls, small collaboration room for project meetings, and larger rooms for more formal team and customer meetings. Each of these gives employees choice of work location so that they are comfortable and perform their best.

The payoff for the business is lower costs and higher employee productivity.  By eliminating the cost of dedicated space for employees who are not always in the office, you can allow actual usage drive space allocation.

On December 10th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET, Michael McKiernan, Citrix Vice-President of Business Technology Solutions, will host a discussion on how he was about to successfully drive a workplace transformation at Citrix and deliver real value for the business and to employees.

Here are a few of the results of the Citrix workplace transformation:

  • Space utilization increased by 60%, helping optimize real estate costs while reducing carbon footprint
  • The $1.6 million invested in one workplace transformation project was offset by the $1.8 million saved annually by no longer having to rethink facilities as new employees join the company
  • Citrix achieved estimated real estate expense savings of $10 million annually across corporate offices

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