Calling all Healthcare organizations!

Imagine a world where sharing protected health information (PHI) securely was made easy! Wouldn’t it be great to leave fax machines, CDs, FTP sites and—EGAD—even the mail behind? What if  I told you there is a way to do all of this, be more efficient and still be HIPAA compliant?

What if we told you all of that is possible with Citrix ShareFile? Because it is.

Citrix ShareFile makes sharing information—and doing it securely— easy. ShareFile improves workflows, it’s mobile, it’s collaborative. In short, it’s just the right medicine for your business, for your patients’ information and for your peace of mind.

We receive lots of questions from healthcare organizations that are looking to protect what matters: patient data!

Top healthcare organizations are turning to Citrix ShareFile to protect this precious data. ShareFile controls how data is accessed, stored and shared. With Citrix ShareFile, you can rest assured you’ll be getting secure, enterprise-grade file sharing that is HIPAA compliant and that gives IT control over sensitive data. You can send files from standard Microsoft office documents, x-ray images or other types of patient data, and you can do it outside your network without hitting file-size limits.

Why is Citrix ShareFile the right choice to safeguard PHI? Citrix ShareFile offers over fifty advanced healthcare security features. It also has the necessary security measures to safeguard Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). It also carries Sword & Shield’s HIPAA Compliant Seal of Approval. Many other file sync and sharing solutions do not adhere to these strict standards. ShareFile also gives healthcare organizations a choice about where data is stored—on-premises, in a dedicated healthcare cloud or a combination of both—to meet the company’s specific needs.

Citrix ShareFile Healthcare

Some of our customers—healthcare organizations just like yours—use Citrix ShareFile to help them solve today’s data issues and challenges.

POMCO Group provides customized, comprehensive benefit plans that are implemented and administered through its office. With ShareFile, their clients now easily access large files, and supports compliance with the SSAE 16 auditing standard. For POMCO, one of the key benefits of using ShareFile is the simplicity for both employees and clients with features like “request a file,” ShareFile Outlook Plug-in, access to data from mobile devices and things like alerts and notifications when files are sent and downloaded.

ShareFile offers simplicity for our employees and clients with the request a file” feature. We chose Citrix because it’s an industry standard.” — Nick Munger, director of information technology for POMCO Group

PremierTox Laboratory specializes in toxicology, urine drug screening, therapeutic drug monitoring and provides services to hospitals and physician practices in 18 states. ShareFile makes it easy for them to share large files with their customers and employees. It also makes collaboration easier—such as when work is being done with their graphic design team—because there are no limits on sharing large files. Most importantly, ShareFile provides secure storage for confidential information, which is paramount in effective healthcare delivery.

Taranaki District Health Board (TDHB) of New Zealand serves 2.8% of its country’s population—more than 104,000 people; it’s the only health organization in its area. They use ShareFile for secure file sharing and Citrix Receiver to connect client devices to their desktop virtualization services. As you can imagine, these solutions go a long way toward easing the hospital’s security woes. With Citrix ShareFile, the organization can keep data on-site rather than on users’ devices. By accessing everything through ShareFile, they reduce the risk of security breaches. This lets TDHB save money over the long term by issuing fewer corporate-owned devices.

Platinum Technology (CSP), established in 2011, provides managed IT services and support to small and medium-sized businesses. Many of their clients are in the Healthcare industry, where the greatest of care must be taken when sharing protected health information (PHI). There are strict collection and disclosure regulations to which companies like theirs have to adhere. Platinum Technology found value in Citrix ShareFile’s secure data management, data transparency, data security, adherence to data compliances and mobile data access for both them and their clients. The company also needed to provide their clients with an enterprise-grade file-sharing solution to replace several consumer-grade options (Dropbox, Box, and rampant usage of USB sticks) that were placing their clients’ data at risk and that offered no control or visibility of what data was being stored, accessed or shared.


Citrix ShareFile safeguards protected health information (PHI), supports regulatory compliance and mobilizes data access.

Healthcare customers are using Citrix ShareFile to:

  • Comply with HIPAA requirements
  • Reduce the risks of PHI data breaches
  • Increase IT visibility and control/reporting
  • Provide access to comprehensive healthcare data from anywhere, on any device
  • Increase mobile productivity with access to enterprise data
  • Enable healthcare professionals to securely share data with third parties (payors, suppliers, regulators)
  • Enhance management of large files
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration

Check out the ShareFile Enterprise for Healthcare website to find out more and start your Free Trial of ShareFile today!