CIS is Citrix flagship Big Data platform for instrumentation and telemetry. What started as a skunkworks R&D project has now evolved into a platform supporting 30+ Citrix products. This week, we hit a major milestone – 100K users. We now have over 100K people using CIS to diagnose problems in their Citrix environments. What’s more impressive is that the CIS Vault comprises of real customer data from 140+ countries and over 34,000+ organizations!

We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest appreciation for your continued commitment and support.

Data Don’t Lie!

This infographic summarizes some of the key success metrics of CIS.

CIS Citrix Insight Services

Why sit on the sidelines?You can use CIS, too!

Diagnosing problems is a simple, 2-step process.

  1. Upload diagnostic data. In most cases, your product console should have controls for this.
  2. Use Insights, study the reports and take deterministic action.

Here’s a list of KB articles on collecting and uploading diagnostic data to CIS for our most popular products:


Change is hard but not impossible. Actions based on data & insights are far more deterministic. CIS can help!

Once again, on the behalf of my team, our sincerest appreciation for your continued support.

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