NetScaler 11.0 was released late in June 2015, but the work has not finished yet, so our super smart developers keep the coding engine running at full capacity to my (and hopefully your) pleasure!

October 8th NetScaler 11.0 build 63.16 F* came out, and with it an important addition to our Authentication framework (AAA-TM) called n-Factor.

n-Factor is really cool and beyond great. It gives us an additional flexibility to how we want to do authentication. In short, it’s conditional authentication policies, so depending on input received by the user, we can to change the way to authenticate. This could be based on his group membership, or his SRC ip. But what if something fails during the process? This is where n-Factor comes to the rescue. You can alter the authentication process based on what happened earlier!

A thought up scenario could be that a user types the wrong password to many times and gets lockout, and you want to give access to a “anonymous” portal where he is able to reset password or get access to internal support. This could be depended on certain criteria’s as well(time of day, location or other things)

Watch the NetScaler Masterclass that talked about n-Factor here: 

Read more about n-Factor use-cases here:

One-IP is desirable for those who has a limit on the number of public ips, or wants to simplify certificates into one single certificate instead of wildcard certs, since you only need to have one public ip added on NetScaler to serve content externally.

With this release, it is possible to add an AAA-TM server with ip port 0 and still have form based authentication, this used to be restricted to a 401 basic auth.

I know this is a highly anticipated feature, I cannot count how many times I’ve got the question “why can’t we just create the AAA-TM server as an internal resource like an LB.” We have listened and now you can 🙂

Don’t be shy to give us feedback, input is always highly appreciated.

*F stands for Feature, Later on we will release M which stands for maintenance. F releases will add new functionality and bugfixes, M release will only contain bugfixes.