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Been there, done that. Still, XenMobile – Network Access Policy is one of the most discussed policy on public forums and chatrooms.

Many times we face issues like: “I am able to access only intranet sites but not external sites”. Or, “the traffic is not hitting my proxy” etc.
The resources that help us when we get stuck or confused while setting this policy are many.

This document is a humble attempt to make you understand certain concepts like Tunnel to internal network, Split Tunnel, Secure Browse, Full VPN, Split DNS etc.

Remember, without mastering these concepts it is highly improbable to successfully troubleshoot XenMobile (unless you are lucky).

This document is not written from troubleshooting perspective. Please reach out to Citrix if you need additional help.

This document is not possible without the help of references that I have mentioned in the PDF.

1. Version Tracker
2. Environment Details
3. XenMobile: Network Access Policy
3.1. Pre-requisites
3.2. XMS – Network Access Policy – Tunneled to Internal Network: Micro VPN
3.2.1. Split Tunneling
3.2.2. Micro VPN flow
3.3. XMS – Preferred VPN Modes
3.3.1. Full-VPN Tunnel
3.3.2. Secure Browse
3.4. XMS – Permit VPN mode switching
3.5. NetScaler – Enabling Micro VPN on NetScaler Gateway
3.6. User Experience
4. WorxWeb – DNS & Traffic Flow
5. Appendix

Download Link: XenMobile – Network Access Policy

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries about any step in the document.

Thank you,

Srikanth Kotakonda
Systems Engineer2, MET-MPG.