Over the past several months, we’ve seen MDM morph into EMM: a full stack of technology required to support secure data on mobile devices and applications. These multiple layers of mobile technology can keep even the most organized IT professional up at night. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

Citrix XenMobile EMM solutions are different because we offer great products in all layers of the stack. There’s no need for a multi-vendor solution.

One of our goals at XenMobile is to not only provide a great experience for end-users, but a great experience for IT, too. We’re always looking for ways to make their work lives better!

Recently, the XenMobile Product Team has developed some new resources and services aimed at simplifying the management and troubleshooting of our EMM solutions. We hope you’re aware of these great new services, but just in case, here’s a quick review:

  • XenMobile Automated APNs CSR Signing Website: XenMobile now offers customers an automated service to submit a CSR for signing. Previously, customers would submit CSRs manually via a Citrix SE or Support Organization. The improved process allows customers to submit requests to Citrix at the XenMobile APNs CSR Signing website (MyCitrix ID required). For a more detailed description of this service, you can read another post on the topic HERE.
  • Worx EAS Test Tool: Worx EAS Test application is designed to help troubleshooting the ActiveSync servers for their readiness to be deployed with XenMobile environment. This tool can be used specifically for ensuring the proper functioning of the WorxMail application.  We have a “How To” guide, which includes screenshots of the Worx EAS Test Tool in action available HERE.
  • Citrix Cerebro – XenMobile Troubleshooting Tool: Citrix Cerebro is a diagnostic tool developed to help analyze and debug XenMobile deployments. The tool can perform an analysis of the NetScaler Gateway configuration (ns.conf) file. Citrix Cerebro can also perform online connectivity checks with the back-end servers that are configured with the NetScaler Gateway server. A “How To” guide is available HERE.

Rest assured. We’re focused on providing our customers with complete solutions, that work great together and can easily be maintained by your IT support team.