I’ve previously posted (part 1 about Lifecycle Management and part 2 about CloudPlatform) about the blogging contest we ran in October for our Infrastructure Software teams.  

In this post, I’ll share the blogs that were submitted that covered hot topics around XenServer with XenApp/XenDesktop, Docker, OpenStack.

Really cool stuff!  I’ll also share the final two winners from our contest.

XenServer for XenApp/XenDesktop
XenServer Performance, Troubleshooting and Compatibility

It’s so fun to see so much great technology represented by all these blogs (remember to check out part 1 and part 2) and to see the passion the teams put into them.

There were so many great entries across all the categories and from this group the judges selected our final two winners. Deploying Mirantis OpenStack on a Single XenServer by Bob Ball was chosen as the Best Instructional blog. And How Much XenDesktop on XenServer? The Majority, You Say? Really? by David Cottingham was chosen as Best Competitive blog.  Congrats to Bob and David!

That’s it for our first Blog-a-than for Infrastructure Software. What did you think? Is it worth doing this again? Leave me a comment to let me know.