Our Citrix Service Providers are some of the most technically proficient partners on the planet, in part because they provide a service that supports the business productivity of their customers. 

But it’s also because the early adopters of this technology typically start their business with a customer that wants to host their solution in the cloud. This means a partner has to ramp up and implement a solution in a way that is quick and smart. It’s no wonder that whenever I run a Citrix webinar or a Citrix event, the seats fill up fast for a technical topic as opposed to a business topic.

Our partners prefer to hear the merits of multi-tenancy file synch and share, as opposed to the TAM of the File, Sync and Share market. Not a bad thing mind you – after all, we’ve managed to attract over 2,800 partners that have placed well over 550,000 licenses in production over a 6 year period – and because it is a services model, the revenue accumulates, it only moves upward, never downward.

But just as important as the technical side of the partnership, we also provide partners with the business perspective, so that once their well of customers dries up, they continue to add more pipeline and more sales to their bottom line. This year was the first year we released “use case” driven marketing demand generation kits – (now.citrix.com/marketingiq search for “what if” campaign for Citrix Service Providers).

At Citrix Summit 2016, which will be held January 11-13 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, we’ll have a range of technical and business sessions throughout a 13-track session series. These sessions are designed to get Citrix Service Providers thinking about their business:

  • SUM181: Three secrets to a successful service provider business — The final session I wanted to mention is an interactive session, where Mick Miralis, Director, Cloud Solution Sales, Citrix Service Providers – Americas, will reveal the three secrets to being a successful Citrix Service Provider. Not a difficult formula, it requires the right portfolio of products and a pricing strategy that provides a solid margin.

These are just some of the business sessions that Summit has in store for our partners – see the full Citrix Service Provider Track. Citrix Summit 2016 will be a great event for technical and business content, and as with all Summit events, the hands on labs and networking opportunities will be plentiful. Register today!