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The intent of this post is to allow XenMobile Admins, SEs, enthusiasts to explore additional capabilities of MDX Apps for iOS (in a test environment).

Every hidden policy is a feature in itself and understanding what MDX apps can do helps you in designing the solution better.

Say, your IT policy wants employees to view/edit WorxMail attachments on Office365 in addition to WorxApps.
i.e you have to allow only WorxApps and a specific app/apps to access the sand-boxed content, how would you do that?

Hint: use Document Exchange Exception List policy.
However this policy is hidden.

There could also be a bigger picture around why certain policies are hidden, which is beyond the scope of this document.
Also, please note that though technically you can enable hidden policies, it is not advised to enable hidden policies on production environment without consulting Citrix. Call me rude!!


1. Version Tracker
2. Environment Details
3. XenMobile: Step-by-step document to enable hidden policies in WorxApps
3.1. Pre-requisites
3.2. Installing MDX Toolkit
3.3. WorxMail – Hidden Policies – Configuring MDX Toolkit
3.4. WorxWeb – Hidden Policies – Configuring MDX Toolkit
3.5. WorxNotes – Hidden Policies – Configuring MDX Toolkit
4. Verification
5. Appendix
5.1.1. List of Hidden Policies – WorxMail:
5.1.2. List of Hidden Policies – WorxWeb:
5.1.3. List of Hidden Policies – WorxNotes:

Intended Audience:
Citrix XenMobile Product Deployment Administrators
Citrix Partners
Citrix Customers
Citrix SE’s
Anyone who would like to know more about Citrix XenMobile 🙂

Download Link: XenMobile – Enabling Hidden Policies in WorxApps for iOS

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries about any step in the document.

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Srikanth Kotakonda
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