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The intent of this post is to discuss MDX interapp communication.
The information is already available on various Citrix resources like Citrix Product documentation, Citrix Articles etc.

This document attempts to explain the features in a step-by-step manner that is easily understandable to non-XenMobile audience.

I have further explained few scenarios like opening URLs through safari instead of WorxWeb and invoking a non-MDX app using App URL Schemes and Allowed URLs.

These scenarios can be implemented in much larger and complex usecases.

Exciting is it!!! Enjoy the journey 🙂

1. Version Tracker
2. Environment Details
3. XenMobile: App Interaction Policies
3.1. Pre-requisites
3.2. XMS – App Interaction – Cut and Copy, Paste.
3.2.1. Cut and Copy:
3.2.2. Paste:
3.3. App Interaction – Document Exchange
3.4. App Interaction – Connection security level
3.5. App Interaction – Inbound document exchange (Open In)
3.6. App Interaction – APP URL Schemes, Allowed URLs

Intended Audience:
Citrix XenMobile Product Deployment Administrators
Citrix Partners
Citrix Customers
Citrix SEs
Anyone who would like to know more about Citrix XenMobile 🙂
Download Link: XenMobile – App Interaction Policies

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries about any step in the document.

Thank you,

Srikanth Kotakonda
Systems Engineer2, MET-MPG.