The ability to record user sessions is a key requirement for many companies – especially in regulated industries like healthcare, finance and government. Screen Recording Technology (SRT) for XenApp and XenDesktop allows admins to easily record on-screen activity in user sessions with policy control, playback and notification options.

Citrix is pleased to announce the availability of the Session Recording 7.6.200 Tech Preview.  This release is ideal for testing in non-production environments.  It is available for Platinum customers at XenApp or XenDesktop 7.6 FP3.

This tech preview includes following new features:

VDI Desktop Session Recording.  This enables recording XenDesktop VDI sessions. This is the star feature of the tech-preview. XenDesktop session recording is very similar to the feature for XenApp sessions in terms of configuration and playback.

The screenshot below shows the recording from different sessions including a live recording:


Windows 10 support. Multiple analyst and news reports make it evident that Windows 10 is getting tremendous adoption since its worldwide release. We are moving quickly to cater to our customers who want to try and adopt this new offering from Microsoft. We added the support for Windows 10 virtual desktop in XenDesktop 7.6 Feature pack 3. This tech preview now enables you to the session recording for Windows 10 virtual desktops.


Delivery group rules. Policy administrators can create rules to classify which sessions are to be recorded. These rule criterion included user, user-groups and application. Adding to this list, with this tech-preview release, one can apply recording rule criteria to Delivery Groups and/or Machines as well.

delivery group

Keyword filtering during rule configuration. Enter a string to filter for certain objects that you wish to apply to a rule.


Special handling for unsupported graphics modes. By default, the SRT Agent will disable session graphics mode DCR (Desktop Composition Redirection) which is not supported for recording.


Session recording for RemotePC: XenDesktop RemotePC lets the user log on remotely to a physical Windows desktop from anywhere. So a user can go home and still continue accessing the same workspace on her desktop. The new Tech preview brings capability to record sessions for RemotePC as this can be an important requirement for security and compliance for BYOD use-case in an enterprise.

Thinwire compatibility mode support: Thinwire Compatibility Mode uses new screen decomposition and caching techniques, which achieve low bandwidth usage and high server scalability without compromising the end-user experience (internally known as Snowball/Thinwire Plus in Citrix). The 7.6.200 tech preview of session recording supports recording sessions that utilize this new HDX feature to provide great user-experience even when the network bandwidth is a scarce resource.

Visit the Session Recording Technology Preview page today to learn more and try the software! Those of you who are planning to actively try this release, let us know your interests and details using the sign-up form here so that Citrix team can programmatically help you in the trial process. Once you start trying the tech-preview you can share your experiences and comments through the feedback-form or share them at Session Recording Tech Preview support forum.