Join Citrix Education and course Architect Martin Zugec for a free overview of CXD-302: XenApp and XenDesktop Advanced Concepts – Troubleshooting.

During the preview, Martin will lead participants through one of the labs in the course. The lab exercise is based on this potential real-world scenario:

You come to work to find a note on your desk.

I’ve just found your email that you were able to fix the issue with renaming that Delivery Controller. Unfortunately I’ve told the intern to decommission that old server. It was shipped to Shelbyville already. Congratulations, but we are not getting that server back. You can fix this, right?


Mr. Burns


However, there is a new server waiting in the server room, maybe you could try to use it to recover the XenApp and XenDesktop site?

Join us as we share our proven troubleshooting methodology to identify and remediate potential issues.

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