CEIP is Citrix’s anonymous product improvement program, also known as the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Our CEIP program is designed to enable our customers to tell us what features they like and how their systems are working without exposing who they are, where they are, or what industry they belong to.

So how do we ensure the data you send is anonymous?

It starts with our 100% Anonymous Rule. From the start we design all of our CEIP algorithms to collect configuration and performance data that is non-identifiable and PII free. Citrix takes additional steps to ensure privacy by transferring data only to Citrix servers via HTTPS. We do not collect IP addresses, server names, or domain names.

How does Citrix use CEIP data?

CEIP is an option that you choose to opt-in to, and once opted-in your Citrix product sends anonymous data back to Citrix and that data is used to measure how the features on your Citrix product is being used. This data helps Citrix build better products and improve features for our customers. For instance, we love to know what operating systems our XenMobile clients are using. Is one more popular than the other and have we created features that make you happy? We can answer questions like these with CEIP data.

Help us help you. All you have to do is opt-in.

Which products have CEIP Available?

  • AppDNA
  • AppOrchestration
  • Citrix Lifecycle Management
  • Desktop Player
  • Citrix License Server
  • Receiver for Windows
  • Synchronizer
  • Universal Print Server (UPS)
  • XenApp/XenDesktop
  • XenMobile Server