Are you prepared for the shiny new devices that can be more of a headache than a holiday for your IT department?

When the latest editions of smartphones, PCs, Macs and tablets are gifted this season, your workers will start demanding enterprise apps and data to be accessible on any device. Is your IT infrastructure prepared to handle the end user requests, security demands and questions about these new devices?

The Friday after Thanksgiving–the busiest shopping day of the year in the States–is known for stores open all night, offering sales prices on the season’s hottest electronics. Some of your employees may take advantage of the cheap prices to give themselves a new laptop, tablet or smartphone–and research says they will expect to bring that device to work. They will want business-ready access with a great experience.

But don’t fret! We’ve got great news. Citrix Workspace Suite has the technology to help you handle the expectations of your employees … and their shiny new devices. Citrix Workspace Suite delivers a complete and secure mobile workspace from any device, over any network. Workers easily access apps, desktops, data and services so they have the freedom and flexibility to choose how they work.

Independent Survey Shows We Want “Great Experiences” on Any Device

A recent Forrester survey, commissioned by Citrix, asked over 10,000 online U.S. adults “When you think about working on your computer or mobile device, what does it mean for you to have a great experience?”* The results showed “a great experience” for working on devices means single sign-on with full access to apps and data, the choice of any device, and the flexibility to flip between personal and business use of a device without privacy or productivity issues.

The survey’s top results are very telling for enterprises who need to manage user expectations and provide a “great experience.” These are our responses to them.

Research: 38 percent want to sign on once to access appsSingle sign-on to the device and the apps. With Citrix technology, end users can download Citrix Receiver from their favorite app store, use Microsoft Active Directory credentials to set up a connection, and establish full access to personalized business apps and data from any device.

Research: 26 percent want to work from the device of my choiceOpportunity to work from the device of their choice. Citrix works closely with the world’s top manufacturers to test and support new devices quickly. Whether there’s one new device or 3, the experience is the same. The Citrix solution is tested on new devices–in many cases before the device is even available on the retail market. IT departments can worry less about compatibility on the latest devices, reassured because Citrix has already tested the experience on the newest smartphones, tablets and computers.

23 percent want ability to use same deviceAbility to access personal and business apps on the same device without having to go around IT. With Citrix Workspace Suite, people can securely access personal email and content alongside their business email, intranet, data and other commercial and in-house created business applications without concern. Thanks to mobile application management policies over business mobile apps, workers still can personalize their mobile device to their preference and use it to access business apps while also ensuring privacy of business information.

Research: 21 percent want access to data and files from the cloud_CitrixAbility to access data and files from the cloud. With Citrix Workspace Suite, people can securely sync and share business data and files from the cloud to any and all of their devices. Security policies ensure that data is secured both on the device and in transit.

Research: 18 percent want all devices to work togetherAbility for devices to talk to each other “and do cool things.”
It’s pretty cool to have a consistent “follow me data” experience using Citrix Workspace Suite.  Sign into your work apps on a smartphone during your commute, on tablet during your first meeting and your PC when you get back to your desk. Pick up exactly where you left off on each device– and have the same experience on 1, 2, 3 or more devices.

Will your IT team be prepared for requests to access business ready information on any new device?

The problem will start Friday–and it’ll continue into the new year. As people get new devices for the holidays-–tablets, PCs, smartphones … you name it–the requests will appear more and more in the corporate environment when people bring those new toys into work.

Learn more about Citrix Workspace Suite empowering mobile workers to easily access apps, desktops, data and services from any shiny new device. Start at the Citrix Workspace Suite webpage and check out videos, use cases and how to save big when you replace your existing mobility solutions with Citrix Workspace Suite.

*Q2 Forrester US Recontact Omnibus Online Survey, 2015